It is recommended that you shall use the scale command (Object | Scale) or just drag the corner handle to resize object(s).

However, you still could use the properties bar to resize the object. When any object is selected, the object's position and dimensions are noted in the left corner of the Properties bar. To the right of the object's width is the Scale control. By default, the Scale Non-Proportional is selected. If you click this button, you can also select Scale Proportional.

If you don't want the object's size to change proportionally when you enter a new height or width value then stick with the default setting. If, however, you want the object to automatically resize in proportion, select Scale Proportional. Then, enter a value in the width field and watch the height change accordingly, or vice-versa.

If you change the value of one side of the object and the value of the other side of the object updates automatically, then the Scale Proportion is now selected. Reverting the scale control to Non-Proportional will allow you to modify each side of the object length independently.