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Crop while keeping the Aspect ratio

When you scale a paint object you hold the shift key down and it maintains the aspect ratio, I want to do this with the crop tool is there any way that anybody knows how to do this.

The reason being I set my camera to 4:3 to take pictures for my website so I want a quick way to get rid of excess space around the image when it's in high resolution before I save it at a lower rate as for my web site, all along keeping the same aspect ratio.

Any help greatly appreciated

Can you attach an image so we can get a better idea. Use the second to last icon at the top of the reply box.

What is the target size for the result?

I'm not sure I understand your description, but I did a quick test and it seems simple enough. Choose the crop tool, click your 4:3 image, grab one of the corner handles and hold down the sift key, pull the handle to where you want to crop that side, grab the opposite corner handle and pull to crop that side. It stays in 4:3 format as long as you hold down the shift key. (BTW, this is the design for a bass ukulele I'm having custom made.)


Looks like Ted has not been back, guess he felt it took too long to receive a reply.

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