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Software Assurance Program Ends

 I just received this notice concerning my Software Assurance subscription:


"So just this once you’ll need to make a new purchase to continue to have access to the latest release of Canvas Draw...To continue using Canvas you need to purchase a new subscription.If you don’t make a new purchase your subscription will end, and you will lose access to Canvas in a few days."

I clicked the link provided in that email notice and found that I would need to pay $66 for a one-year subscription with no possibility of extending it to more than one year.

Fortunately, I still had an earlier email offering a subscription for $49/year or $120/3 years.  That offer expires at the end of March, so I jumped on it with both feet.

Those with a Software Assurance subscription ending later than mine might want to consider the special offer now.


I'm just hoping that they keep the perpetual license for v7, that is if it's cleaned up enough to actually use, not like v6. When I got v5, I wasn't aware of the perpetual license, and now they will not sell me that version, only a v6 perpetual license can be had. We can actually have a perpetual license and a subscription, but I'll be glad to pay whatever the upgrade cost is for perpetual so that I'm sure I have a working copy no matter what ultimately happens.

My Canvas Draw 5 is also on my Software Assurance subscription and will surely stop working when that subscription runs out in a few weeks.  I have been using CD6 to help as much as possible by reporting bugs I find.  I decided to do the 3-year subscription to push any more of my decisions about Canvas as far into the future as possible!

With the new subscription, I did have a problem with a new install not accepting the License Key.  I submitted a ticket and Canvas GFX fixed the problem for me.


After responding to the $49 discount renewal email I received from Jacob Johnson a few weeks ago and paying it, last week I received an email from ACD saying that there's a new payment system that does not recognize my auto renewal, that I would have to do a one time renewal for $89. I just wrote Jacob to find out where I stand now.

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