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Keeping occupied during home time.

Since I'm 70 and a supposed at risk person, I've been keeping busy while sitting home during this time with a variety of things; reorganizing closets to fit some of my arrant music gear, cooking low sodium foods because I have high blood pressure since gaining too much weight, practicing my ukulele and bass uke, helping the leader of my uke group set up and test online play alongs, and also designing a program for a concert the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic had scheduled for this Saturday that was recently cancelled (I'm also the staff photographer). The founder-conductor, a friend of mine since junior high school, decided to complete the concert program and put it online for anyone to see. (I design all of their concert programs.)

I used Canvas Draw v5 to put it together. It was a special concert arranged by Violins of Hope, an international organization that has retrieved and restored violins played and confiscated in concentration camps during the holocaust. An Israeli luthier and his son did all the restoration work. Orchestras are invited to do concerts using those violins. The program I made includes photos of the violins. Our printed programs are normally 36 to 40 pages, this one is 12. To view a PDF of the concert program, click this link.

I hate that we can't edit a post on this poor forum.

Beautifully done.  Clicking on the second link did not work for me, so I copied it in full and pasted it into the link window in Firefox and that worked.


I need to fix this.

Try now.

Still no good, crap. Just copy paste the URL link.

Looks like the forum doesn't work properly with Safari.

I copied and pasted the link. Beautiful work Kohanmike, & beautiful violins.

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