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Subscription only?

Canvas Draw 6 goes subscription only? Ugh. And I’ve reverted to 5 because of the problems with 6.

 I paid for Canvas Draw 6, but I've never been able to use it because of terrible performance. I've been patient because I assumed they would fix the problem. Meanwhile, I'm still using version 5. I certainly won't subscribe to software that is unusable, so I'll just stick with 5.

  Are they going to refund the money I spent last year on an unusable upgrade?

As far as I know,  Canvas is not subscription only, they have the subscription service on sale. If I'm not mistaken, they still sell it outright and have a software assurance program to buy a years worth of updates. It is disappointing that v6 is so problematic, but as important as Canvas is for me, I'll live through the trials and tribulations.

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