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Anyone here with a Software Assurance Plan that has expired with GFX?

You see, I have two. One for Canvas Draw which expires in April and one for Canvas GIS on the Windows side run with VMWare for the GIS component.

The Windows one has expired. I figured that one out cuz the app wouldn't launch anymore and told me the plan had expired. No advanced emails, notices or whatever, just a "Contatc Us" button on my account page.

So I did contact GFX and thought a simple renewal would do the trick. However, first they claimed they never heard of these plans, until I send them a screenshot from GFX's own web page offering them, but after that things got rather vague. Talking about "instant upgrades" and the like.

My Canvas GIS is still in expired state, of course, even after I send them last years bill.

I'm feeling a bit bewildered by now. No idea where GFX is coming from, nor what they're after. I still don't have a hard quote, but the price mentioned on the web site is 100 bucks more expensive for just one year. So at the moment it looks like an amateurish money grab, it certainly feels that way.

Anyone else here on this board having experience with GFX's handling of Software Assurance Plans? I'm feeling a bit like a Guinee piggie over here.

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