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Serious work to be done - Arrow editor

Hey, Canvas. You've got work to do on your arrow editing tool. 

I'm trying to define a new preset that puts a cross-line at 90° at the end of a path and at each segment, like ----|------|--------------|----|

Setting the arrow type to 'Line' puts a line at 115°. The line can be manually dragged to 90° - but the value in the Angle box does not change, and it cannot be selected or changed. Clicking on the down arrow next to the Angle box does not change the value but moves the line(arrow) to one side of the line and it can not be recentered.

I set up the arrow by manually dragging the line to 90°, clicking on "place on segments", and then clicked Add Preset. It did not add the preset. I also set up the arrow using Custom and clicked Add Preset. It did not add the preset. Apparently one cannot add presets to the arrows!

Also, the recently-used list to the right of the arrow selection box does not show the whole arrow and cannot be resized. This means it's functionally useless.

This stuff used to work. Like, 20 years ago. What's going on?

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Have you submitted a Support Ticket? Canvas personnel don't often look here, which is mainly for user to user contact. Top of the window has a link for support.

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