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Is Canvas Draw 6 dead??

I bought this app in Jan 2019.  I currently have version 6, build 6033, released in June 2019.  I have reported bugs many times!  I have never received a sensible response.

This app is simply riddled with bugs!!! 

 I'm going to revert to Canvas 5.

PS: Even this "Post a new topic" PAGE HAS BUGS !?!?

I have CVD 6  ver 601 build 6054. A number of earlier bugs have been repaired, so you might update yours and try it again.

  I'm still using CVD 5 however, because CVD 6 takes 20 to 40 times as long to complete some actions, such as changing brightness or contrast, particularly if preview is checked. In large files, a change that is almost instantaneous in CVD 5 may take several minutes in CVD 6, and I can't wait that long.

  However, I'm sure the GFX team is still working on fixes & will eventually get it debugged.

When I click on "Check for updates" I get "Canvas Draw version 6.0 (6033) is currently the newest version available."   Yet you have build 6054!?!

Yet another CVD 6 bug I guess.

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I went to & checked the Canvas Draw release notes. It shows 6033 as the second most recent version and version 6.0.0 build 6054 as the newest. When I start Canvas Draw 6 or check About Canvas Draw when the app is open, it shows 6.0.1 build 6054. At any rated, there is a long list of bug fixes from 6033 to 6054.

  If you sign in and go to the "My Products" page, you should be able to download 6054.

Good luck!

I tried 6054 and a new bug cropped up that prevents me from using it, the style sheet choices are alway grey, none of the ones I create can be chosen. Along with all the other things I do with Canvas, I design a yearly 40 page concert program for Disney Hall, which includes the roster of all the members of the orchestra and chorus, about  175 people, listed under their instrument or voice and chair. Not being able to set style for each item forces me to do it manually, a very tedious task.

I also have a web page of recordings I make during rehearsal of my ukulele group, about 200 songs. I use Canvas to design the web page, with links on each song to the audio track. The Link manager has had a bug in it since Canvas Draw 1. There's a popup for previous links that the user creates which was retained from session to session, but now when I quit Canvas, the list is not retained. If don't quit Canvas but close and open the document, the list is there.

I recently wrote James, Albert and Nikki that I'm getting very concerned about the state of Canvas, losing faith that Canvas is not going to survive. So far no one has replied about that concern, though James does address the various bug notices I make, but all he can do is pass them on to the developers.

I sent off a 'congrats' to the new person who has now taken charge of Canvas (for Mac and Windows) and voiced the hope that Canvas for Mac will not go the way it did a few years back when ACDSee took charge of it from Deneba. However, I never got a response from her assuring me that Canvas Draw is here to stay. I don’t think that reflects well. I also think--kind of a prediction--that Canvas Draw will not endure. I have no reason to think otherwise because of the many issues that have been posted in this thread. Do the people in charge of CanvasX and Draw even read the things posted here? I get the impression that something is ‘off’—not right—with this company. I’m retired now and only use Canvas Draw for some post-retirement, personal projects, but if I had to depend on it to make my living again, I think I would look for some other alternative—even a Windows program, if I had to (~shudder~). And what ‘alternative’ would that be? An Adobe product? Another ~shudder~.

As far as I know, Albert, the original owner and developer of Canvas from Deneba, is back in charge. James is a representative of ACD and has replied to posts here on the forum, so there still seems to be some ties there. I know Nikki is one of the programmers, she's helped me through some problems personally. They apparently are working their tails off on Canvas and a bit short handed. She also told me that Canvas Draw is well ensconced in a number of major aerospace firms, but it still worries me that it takes so long to get out a new version, especially that so many bugs have not been fixed, and even added to.

I used to be one of the very strong voices of complaint to ACD, especially when they dropped Canvas for Mac, but now I try to be as supportive as I can with CanvasGFX, but it sure is difficult considering all the difficulties we've had to endure so far. I'm able to accomplish all my work in v5, so at least there's that. I just hope they can endure and keep going.

Thanks for the input. Going back to V5 is perhaps something I might try. Things DO work in V6, but it's buggy, and perhaps isn't really an advantage for my needs. I purchased V6 really just to support the Canvas 'cause' for Mac, but maybe that's a fools errand. It's good to hear, though, that there are people who are, as you say, "working their tails off on Canvas". But I still have some doubts about it enduring. I mean, you never see it advertised really. I don't know. Time will tell. Best to you. I’ll say two other things, though. 1. I will never go for a subscription being that I no longer need it professionally. and 2. I’m becoming leery about spending money on each new update that doesn’t seem to work any better than the current version (or it’s even worse!).

The lasso selection tool for bitmap images is super slow for me in version 6.  I reported that via a ticket and, in an exchange with James, I tried the same in version 5.  Almost  instantaneous in comparison.  Looks like I will have to go back to version 5 for a while.  Good thing that I keep disk images for former versions!


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