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Subscription Only?!?

I see that the new Windows version of Canvas has been released (Canvas X 2020), and it appears to be subscription only. If this is true, then I’m profoundly disappointed, and I believe is a very short-sighted move on the part of Canvas. I hope this is not also the future for Canvas Draw. I have supported Canvas since it was a desk accessory. I’ve owned every version through the final Motorola version, kept a Mac just to support that Motorola version until the Intel version of Canvas (Canvas Draw) was finally released, and immediately purchased the Intel version, and all the subsequent updates, as soon as it became available. It may be old fashioned, but I don’t rent software. I have a large library of Canvas files, and I need to know that I can access my documents in the future, at any time, without maintaining a monthly rent payment to Canvas. What’s more, I think there are others that feel the same way. As the 10,000 pound gorilla (read Adobe) has forced everyone to subscriptions, there has been significant interest among those users in finding non-subscription alternatives for all of the Adobe products. That’s where Canvas should be focusing their attention. Instead of jumping on the subscription band wagon they should be marketing themselves to the Adobe users that feel they have been forced into the subscription model because they think they don’t have an alternative - they do, but if the alternative is also a subscription, then what’s the incentive to switch? Sad to say, but if Canvas Draw goes to a subscription only product, then I can’t follow, but at least I’ll be able to continue to use my purchased version if, God forbid, that is the future of Canvas Draw…I sincerely hope it’s not.

Just received an email for the release of v7. Also, I did more testing and discovered that the problem is also in v5, but apparently I don't notice it when working with the document normally, only when I test in a way that I don't really do under normal use. So for now I'm going to continue to use v7 and see how it goes. I still have to contact sales about a perpetual license.

I contacted Canvas GFX today about getting a perpetual license for v7, this is the answer I received, "...we will only be offering the option of a perpetual license of V7 of Canvas Draw for special circumstances and it will need to be approved by our VP of sales, Becky Darsch."

I asked what the circumstances are and how to get in touch with Becky, but did not receive an answer yet.

That's particularly bad news since I, like many of you, purchased a perpetual license for CD6, but I've never been able to use it because of its flaws. I'm still using CD5.

I sent an email to Canvas on Thursday evening about the special upgrade rates they are advertising on their website. No response yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the special rates include a perpetual option. 

Sorry...I didn’t see KohanMike’s post about special circumstances. Very disappointing. I’m very curious about what qualifies as a special circumstance. Maybe 30 years of supporting their product is one of them.

Yes very disappointing, and likewise after 30 years, bought every version, battled through the Intel transition and using it on a virtual machine. Because it was so good. 

And for the future, will CVD be adapted for ARM, or will it languish, only useable in Rosetta 2 (until Apple bins it). 

Déjà vu all over again.  

I agree with Sherwood Bishop - I have perpetual licenses for v5 and v6 (and all the ones before) but couldn't use v6 for all its flaws. Instead of getting a fixed v6, I have to pay again (and subscription?) for v7 that may or may not be fixed at last? I'm thinking of tremendous slowdowns editing graphic images in Spite Editor in particular, but crashes and other problems I don't even recall now (but did send in bug reports). Canvas is still great value for money, but I want to see what's fixed and what's not in  v7 that makes it worth upgrading from v5.

Plus ARM, as John Allen raised. A statement from the Canvas folk would be helpful (or did I miss it)?  I've used Canvas since the Desk Accessory days on a Fat Mac and recall the awful Window port that was the old Canvas v6, and the years in the post-PPC wilderness. One doesn't underestimate the change from Intel to ARM, although currently one has no idea the size of the task...

Canvas GFX replied to my request for a Perpetual License, I qualified. In my request, I said that I've been using Canvas since it was a Desk Accessory, and that for 20 years I used Canvas to make paper props for many of the movies on which I worked, in the studio and on local locations where the internet often was not available. That I'm the staff photographer for the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic/Big Band of Barristers/Legal Voice Chorus, also was on the official Canvas Draw beta test team when it was active a couple of years, and have been doing user testing for a couple of members of the current development team.

I was sent a link to make payment of $199, made it and received a receipt, but was not told how I prepare Canvas with a Perpetual License.

I received a reply today to just enter the new license key in Canvas v7, done. I'm going to keep using it and list any bugs in my other bug thread.

<John Allen said: And for the future, will CVD be adapted for ARM, or will it languish, only useable in Rosetta 2 (until Apple bins it).>

<James Conway said: Plus ARM, as John Allen raised. A statement from the Canvas folk would be helpful (or did I miss it)? ...One doesn't underestimate the change from Intel to ARM, although currently one has no idea the size of the task...?>

John and James, I posted this on the Canvas GFX Facebook page and received an answer. I'm going to frequent that site now.


Will Canvas X Draw be fully compatible with the ARM processor coming to the Mac?2 Comments
  • Simon Tipler
    Simon Tipler Hi Michael! We just ordered our ARM development toolkit. Though we have lots of Intel-specific performance code, we’re already getting started. More to come for Draw!
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