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Subscription Only?!?

I see that the new Windows version of Canvas has been released (Canvas X 2020), and it appears to be subscription only. If this is true, then I’m profoundly disappointed, and I believe is a very short-sighted move on the part of Canvas. I hope this is not also the future for Canvas Draw. I have supported Canvas since it was a desk accessory. I’ve owned every version through the final Motorola version, kept a Mac just to support that Motorola version until the Intel version of Canvas (Canvas Draw) was finally released, and immediately purchased the Intel version, and all the subsequent updates, as soon as it became available. It may be old fashioned, but I don’t rent software. I have a large library of Canvas files, and I need to know that I can access my documents in the future, at any time, without maintaining a monthly rent payment to Canvas. What’s more, I think there are others that feel the same way. As the 10,000 pound gorilla (read Adobe) has forced everyone to subscriptions, there has been significant interest among those users in finding non-subscription alternatives for all of the Adobe products. That’s where Canvas should be focusing their attention. Instead of jumping on the subscription band wagon they should be marketing themselves to the Adobe users that feel they have been forced into the subscription model because they think they don’t have an alternative - they do, but if the alternative is also a subscription, then what’s the incentive to switch? Sad to say, but if Canvas Draw goes to a subscription only product, then I can’t follow, but at least I’ll be able to continue to use my purchased version if, God forbid, that is the future of Canvas Draw…I sincerely hope it’s not.

I have also used Canvas since the first desk accessory version. I still have a Mac running OS 6.8 just so I can occasionally run Canvas X with the GIS & Analysis packs. I very willing to pay for Canvas Draw with GIS (or Canvas Mac), and I'm quite willing to pay for Canvas Draw updates, but

PLEASE don't make Canvas Draw subscription only!

Canvas Draw can be purchased outright with a Perpetual License, or as a Subscription with an option for Software Assurance with support. That's been going on a for a good while now. A post not long ago from Canvas GFX said there is no plan to go only subscription.

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