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Anxiously waiting for a bug fix update to Canvas 6.

Because there are too many bugs in Canvas Draw 6 for me, I stayed with v5. I'm anxiously waiting for an update, which I hoped would be ready by now. I'd rather see incremental updates more often with continuous bug fixes than wait a long time for a major upgrade, much like apps for iOS.

I left out the preview part of the window. I don't seem to have a problem printing landscape. I'm also using Mojave.


I'm on Mojave myself, so it is good to know that it is working for you.  That may help me track the issue down if it is not a Canvas Draw issue per se.  It's interesting that I just upgrade to the new build and are still having the issue.  Not sure that could impact the print dialog in Canvas Draw specifically since printing and landscape mode seems to work fine in other software programs.  That is usually one of the troubleshooting steps I take.  I'll keep trying to dig into it.

@John Craig - that is what is weird - I have not seen a print dialog box like that.  As @KohanMike correctly suggests, I looked at the detailed printer dialog where you can select landscape, but that had no effect, so I am definitely getting an anomaly that seems to be specific to Canvas Draw (not repeatable on other applications). Also - I did try the trick on selecting portrait and then selecting landscape again with no luck.  That has worked for me in the past, so great suggestion, but not this time.  I'm perplexed.  I did submit a ticket, so I will see what kind of a response I get.  Thank you for the assistance!

I just checked and have no problem selecting Landscape in printing. To get to that, I had to go through the CD6 dialog box, click on Print Settings which brings up the printer's dialog box.  There I have to select Show Details to get the printer's dialog box to expand and give me the chance to choose Landscape.  Just as in Kohanmike's image, in the expanded box there is a place at the bottom where I can select Hide Details. Clicking that and I lose the ability to switch to Landscape.


Sorry to have repeated what Kohanmike already posted.  That'll teach me to read all of the latest posts instead of the last couple!


I'm running Catalina. I've tried printing to HP, Canon & Brother printers with CD6 build 6076 and have no problems. I'm still using CD5 though, until the slow bitmap redraw problem is fixed.

Oops, I meant to write CD6 build 6075. There's not a 6076 yet that I know of .

OK, thanks everyone.  The problem must be a bit more "complex" than dealing with a bug.  I'm hoping tech support may have some suggestions since this problem is not occurring anywhere that I can tell other than in CVD 6.

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