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Canvas Draw 6 runs Very slow.

Canvas Draw 6 runs very slowly on my mid 2016 MacBook Pro. Changing the contrast on a page-sized 300 dpi raster image (& only one file open) takes about 30 seconds. The same image in Canvas Draw 5 is completed in 1-2 seconds. Larger files take forever. I have uninstalled Canvas Draw 6 & reinstalled it. I reinstalled Canvas Draw 5 to make sure it ran as fast as I thought and it did. I have an LG UltraFine Display. If I make the same contrast change without the external monitor attached, it takes about 10 seconds in Canvas Draw 6, but less than one second in Canvas Draw 5. I uninstalled Canvas Draw 5 before installing Canvas Draw 6.

  Canvas Draw 6 does everything much slower than Canvas Draw 5, such as selection, scrolling or keyboard commands.

Any ideas?


I've encountered  variety of problems with v6, to the point that I will not use it. I have both versions installed and I'm doing fine with v5 on a new Mac Mini with Mojave 10.14.6.

Also reverted to v5, because of icon and preview issue. 

I received some suggestions from CanvasGFX & tried them, but they didn't help. Perhaps the next round of suggestions will be more helpful. In the meantime, since I spend so much time working with Canvas Draw, often in large documents, I have uninstalled CD6 & I'm using version 5 (& still very thankful to have Canvas Draw).

   I have a mid-2016 MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM & a 2 TB solid state drive. Usually I use it with a an LG Ultrafine (27-inch (5120 x 2880) display, but sometimes with a lower resolution 27" Apple display or just with the MBP's 15" display. No matter which display I use, the speed differences between CD5 & CD6 remain.

I upgraded to OS 10.15 Catalina last night. The old problems I had with CD6 didn't go away, but I had no new problems running CD5 or CD6, and no CD crashes or ETs.   


I never install a new version of the system, I wait for the .1 iteration. There's always some bugs in the first one. I'm hoping a new version of Canvas Draw will be released soon, there are some things in V6 I like, but too many bugs to use it for now.

I installed the current version of Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, etc. on my 2018 MBPro yesterday. Actually, it took two tech teams working simultaneously three hours to do it. They had to remove all vestiges of all Adobe software  I've acquired over the past 25 years before they could do it for me. Since Catalina is 64 bit only, none of the older uninstallers would run. They also reset all my Mac's system preferences, etc. etc. in the process.

  I mention that, because Canvas Draw 6.0.1 build 6054 still doesn't run any faster than it did, at least as far as changing contrast or brightness goes. Thought somebody might want to know.

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