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putting text inside of easyshapes in Canvas 12

I'm aware that this forum supports Canvas X but I'm still on Canvas 12 in Windows 10.

I'm trying to get text inside easyshapes (not dialogue balloons) and more specifically, inside the grids created with the gridmaker tool. Anybody remember how it's done?

Generally, the way to get text inside an EasyShape is to select both the EasyShape and the text you want to put inside, and choose Text, Wrap, Inside Shape

BUT, the GridMaker tool creates boxes which are not set up to wrap text inside. (You can wrap inside the entire gridwork but that's not very useful.)

When I need to place text inside a grid, I create the grid on one layer, and place the text on a different layer and manually align it to the underlying grid. If you need the text to wrap within a box, you can adjust the text box dimensions to match the size of the underlying box.

Alternatively, text can be placed inside an object by first selecting an object, and then typing new text. The text will be wrapped inside the object as it is entered.

Thanks for the reply. That's a lot of trouble for a grid with text. I found out I can import a MSWord doc in which I have created the tables. Also true of a pdf file. This is a terrific solution.

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