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Specialty Lines Bug

RE: Canvas 6

OS 10.14.5

This is a bug using the lines tool in CD 6: It is missing the specialty lines in one of the 'specialty lines' menus. They are there in CD 5, but not in 6.

Please see attached screen shot.

I'm seeing a full set of specialty lines in the Line tool and in Attributes.

image  image

Ah, you are accessing the specialty lines from the 'Attributes' Pallets menu and not from the Toolbox. So, yes, I see what you see and have access to these specialty lines and the ability to manipulate them in various ways. I forgot about this way of doing that. However, why can’t I do the same thing directly from the Toolbox just like I could in CD 5? In CD6 there is one particular menu item that doesn’t show anything at all. It does put a line(s) off to the right, though, after I do something in the ‘Attributes’ pallet, although there is still nothing in the main window in the particular specialty lines menu. Let me know what you see in the Toolbox as per the screenshot I am attaching. Thanks!

My first image is the Tool box line, I guess I didn't make it clear. Below is another screen shot showing the Tools as well. (Paul, to show a full size image, don't click the link "+Attach a file" at the bottom of the message box, click the second to the last icon above the box, which will bring up a window to insert an image.)


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