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A Matter (Issue) of Gratitude

So far I really liking Canvas 6. Maybe one day it will be able to build and upload web pages like it used to.

Nevertheless, what what I want to say is I do not use Canvas anymore professionally because i've been retired for quite some time now. Having said that though, I just need to publicly state for the record that as a very long time user from way back in the Deneba days in the late 1980’s Canvas was a very positive game changer for me. Having said this, I don’t ‘need’ Canvas anymore, but it continues to be a very useful application from time-to-time for various personal projects. So, I am posting here for two reasons:

1. To say how grateful I am to the ‘powers that be’ for resurrecting Canvas for Mac again after so many years. In other words, no doubt taking a financial risk that it will ‘pay off’ for them.

2. To say that I very sincerely hope Canvas for Mac never dies again leaving a lot of professional users hung out to dry like what previously happened when development for Canvas for Mac ceased. It is primarily for this reason I continue to pay for upgrades, which is really only to support the Canvas for Mac platform.

Thank you ACDSee and the Canvas for Mac development team. Keep up the great work!

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I concur wholeheartedly. I'm not able to use v6 because of a few issues with High Sierra, which I'm stuck with on my 2011 MacBook Pro, but looking forward to a new 2018 Mac Mini on it's way to me with Mojave, hopefully resolving the issues.

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