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Canvas 6 on Dark Mode

 I use Dark Mode on my Mac.  When I run Canvas 6, the window background is very dark grey with with white text, and the correct color I chose in System Preferences -> General -> Accent Color does not show in Document Layout toolbox window.  The highlight color does not change from pale blue to what I set in System Preferences, and I cannot read the layer's name in white text with the pale blue highlight. 

The contrast is not very high but I can read the text just fine.


Sophia Song wrote:

 When I run Canvas 6, the window background is very dark grey with with white text, and the correct color I chose in System Preferences -> General -> Accent Color does not show in Document Layout toolbox window. 

You are correct. The highlighting color in Canvas Draw is a light blue instead of the color selected in the General System Preferences. That blue, as opposed to the medium blue macOS uses, does make it difficult to see the text. Interestingly, when the search field is in focus, the glow around the field is the system-level highlight color; below is what I saw when I changed the highlight color to pink.


The image Hans showed has a bit more contrast, as does my screenshot above. In the application, the text is far harder to discern than in the attached screenshot. Methinks this is case of needing to know what everyone is working with. I will start…

Computer: Late-2014 iMac

Screen Size: 27-inch

Native Resolution: 5120 × 2880 (Retina)

Calibration: Hardware calibration using a Spyder5 colorimeter

Frequency of Calibration: Every month

It is undeniable that Apple was anally meticulous about color selection for the Light and Dark Modes of macOS. For whatever reason, it appears that the developers at Canvas GFX are human and implemented highlighting rows in the Document Layout incorrectly; that is, they defined a custom highlight instead of using the API(s) Apple provides.

Hopefully, someone in Plantation will see this and generate a ticket.

I was going to suggest you generate a ticket since you're the one who found the problem, just click the the link at the top of the window, New Support Ticket, what does "in Plantation" mean?

Oops. Yeah, I guess that most of us are more interested in if software works for us than knowing much about the developer.

Canvas GFX, Inc.
8201 Peters Road, Suite 1000
Plantation, FL 33324 USA

I looked up the area in Maps and it appears to be a beautiful setting adjacent to a large retention pond. Even the residential areas have organic designs centered on the retention ponds. It is a shame that in the next several decades that area could be underwater. :(

The colors are not different for the two screen snaps as measured with Apple's Digital Color Meter application (if the images are at the same position on the display). There is also no difference if the screen snap is taken (cmd-shift-4) on the MacBook's internal screen or the external screen. Both have never been calibrated. Even screen brightness and night shift do not affect the screen snap. Interesting. So, even if Sophia is using a screen snap, it might not show what she is seeing. 

In any case, Canvas is just using its own colors in this part of the palette and maybe depending on her display, light environment, and vision the contrast is not high enough for Sophia. As Mike suggested, report it to support as a place for improvement.

Ah, I knew they were in Florida, but not exactly where. Couldn't you generate a ticket, why do you think someone at CanvasGFX has too?

Insomnia, but Sophia Song was actually the one that started this thread. Aside from being overworked, I have not done much with Canvas Draw 6 beyond trying to figure out why it is so slow in my iMac. Plus, it is nearly 3 am here, so I do not think it would be an ideal time for me to generate a ticket while I am mentally in a zombie state.

Oops, right, Sophia. OK. 

I put CD6 on hold,  having problems with files being corrupted that didn't show up until opening in CD6, sent them into CGFX, but they must be very busy, no reply so far. I'll call them Monday morning.

Ouch. I have not had anything that dramatic occur, but I also have only played with existing documents in Canvas Draw 6; nothing that I already had was (re-)saved from Canvas Draw 6. Fortunately, Canvas GFX does not engage in forced upgrades for software subscriptions. It is for that reason I was willing to get Software Assurance from Canvas GFX—well, ACDsee Systems at the time I purchased a license for Canvas Draw 3—rather than a perpetual license.

So, I can continue working in Canvas Draw 5 while Canvas GFX shakes the fleas off of v6. I would have otherwise waited for the .1 release before dipping my toes into the water. It also helps that Canvas Draw and Canvas X are on annual release cycles, like macOS, so the subscription does not feel wasted due to no major release in a subscription cycle. That is also why I decided to buy out my employer’s license for Canvas X once I started working from home.

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