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import line graph edit line, text, axis, for journal

Hope someone can help me get started. I have graphs in *.jpg or *.eps(preferred)  format. 

I import them into Canvas X 2019 to edit. See example file attached, saved as imagefile.cvx. Mode was changed to RGB color. 

Goal: change all lines and axis to thicker/wider lines. Change text (axis titles) to larger bolder fonts. This should be simple, no?

When I ungroup I cannot follow an entire sinusoidal line, for example the red line, and widen the line....

 ….......then repeat for blue line, and green line. 

Similar editing used to be very easy in MS-Word with *.wmf or *.emf image files, whay is it so difficult in CanvasX?

 A few guiding steps from you could be of great help I am sure.



(2.01 MB)
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The fault is in the original file, JPG and most EPS files, which are bitmap, meaning it's all one image. When I opened your cvx file, I had to ungroup, which makes me think the JPG or EPS graph was Auto traced. Doing so is not very accurate because lines that intersect would end up as one object (which yours does), you would have to manually separate the intersections and then group the sections that belong together. Also, text ends up being lines, not actual text, so text formatting will not work on them. 

If you originated the graphs in Word, see if you can export them as AI (Illustrator) or PDF. which Canvas can open. If not, I suggest you remake the entire graph in Canvas manually tracing the one you have as a guide so you had full control of each object.

I just noticed that your graph has a bunch of duplicate layers, don't know what that's about. I just did this sample in about 3 minutes. drew and thickened the graph lines, typed and enlarged the text.


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