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Wish list for Canvas Draw

Now that Albert got me past the bug I found in Canvas Draw 6, I'm using it. Here is the first item I would like to see added:

Add a Style sheet popup list in the Properties bar under the Insert: Choose Char popup box, like this,


Bring back the Scale Bar tool!

Michael Tiffany said: "Bring back the Scale Bar tool!"

I don't remember that, what did it do?

And, I found more bugs in v6, so I went back to v5.

Scale Bar enabled creation of a scale bar for a map or floor plan (which is my main use) by specifying the length, number of segments, scale, and the style of the elements. Very handy. Was in Canvas 9 for Mac and possibly earlier, and was in the PC version at least through 16.

Ah yes, I remember now.

That sounds really handy for what I'm doing with floor plans.

Is there a way to get the development people to look at this wish list? I think we're just talking amongst ourselves. 


I submitted a ticket, following your directions. Let's see what happens!

Don't expect anything to happen quickly, the development team is short on staff and they have a lengthy release schedule. I was told by James at ACD (who handles support contacts) that an update for v6 should be ready late this month. Trouble is, when they fix one thing, another thing breaks.

What I need, as a suggestion?

I need Canvas to do a better job about two things that have been broken for more than a decade...

1) I just popped CD6 open..."Recent Documents" is empty. Empty. That's right, it doesn't show what I had open yesterday. If I make something new, save's not in "Recent". So if I forgot one of those names, well, now I'm going hunting for a while. This has been broken for so long it's ridiculous.

2) "restore last session" needs to be added, so that in the event of a machine crash/reboot like happened yesterday, I can restore what I had open yesterday, INCLUDING the "new and unsaved" docs I was creating. OpenOffice does this VERY nicely--Canvas needs to do exactly that same thing.

(and, fwiw, I have been using Canvas since version 1.02c in 1989; can't even guess how many versions I've paid for over 30 years)

I love Canvas, but I really need these "save" problems improved.

Clint, every version of Canvas Draw shows me a list of previous documents including v5 and v6. If I click and hold on the Canvas icon on the Dock I see the list, if I go to Open Recent... I see the list. See samples below. Have you tried to do a complete reset of Canvas? If not, follow these steps:

  1. Delete Canvas Draw directory from \Library\Preferences\ACDSystems or Canvas GFX.
  2. Delete Canvas Draw directory from ~\Library\Preferences\ACDSystems or Canvas GFX.
  3. Delete 'com.acdsystems.Canvas-Draw4.plist' or 'com.canvasgfx.Canvas-Draw5.plist' file from ~\Library\Preferences.
  4. Empty the trash.
  5. Restart your Mac.

v5 recent menu


V6 recent menus


I understand...that's what I SHOULD see...but I don't. Right now, in the list, I only see the drawing I just recreated because I wasn't done Wednesday and it got lost in yesterday's reboot. So despite my having 5 drawings open on Wednesday, this morning the "Open Recent" list was empty. And this general mis-behavior has been like this since I do not know how many years ago, but probably at least 15, across maybe 10 versions of Canvas, on however many machines/OS_Versions that has been for me...

Dock shows the same--just the one thing I created this morning.

 If Canvas would do what OO does with the "session open files" I would be ecstatic. I wouldn't lose anything.

Have you submitted a support ticket, top of the window? This forum is not manned by Canvas personnel. Did you do the reset?

no to both. as I wrote, this isn't a new problem, so a "reset" isn't changing things, if a brand-new install on a brand-new machine didn't do it either...I'll try the ticket thing, I guess. Problem there is that I can't fully characterize the problem scenario, so I can't describe it fully...but I'll try

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