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Wish list for Canvas Draw

Now that Albert got me past the bug I found in Canvas Draw 6, I'm using it. Here is the first item I would like to see added:

Add a Style sheet popup list in the Properties bar under the Insert: Choose Char popup box, like this,


Oops, the Style box should read Choose Style:


I work with ~25 layers in each sheet, and ~7 such sheets in a document.  I work mainly on detailed scaled drawings with the Document Layout toolbox open and stretched to maximum height on my screen.

I have problems with the Document Layout toolbox.  When I want to move a layer in the Document Layout toolbox window to the lower third of the window, or if the sheet I want to move it to is not visible in the Document Layout toolbox because I need to scroll down more, I cannot move the layer to the correct place.  Many times the layer goes to the top of the Document Layout toolbox window.  I don't really know if it will go where I left my mouse cursor when I released the mouse button.  Also, if I select a layer with a slight drag in the click, sometimes the affected layer moves to the top of the Document Layout toolbox window, or a copy of the layer goes there.

Request for feature:  In the Layout menu's Layout sub-menu, have an actions treating layers similar to how objects are treated in Object menu's Arrange sub-menu.  Be able move the layer up or down within the sheet, much like we can for objects within a layer.  If you try to move the top layer up, or if you try to move the bottom layer down, you get a blip sound to indicate you cannot move it anymore in that direction.  Also, have a way to send current layer to a different sheet, much like we can send objects to a different layer.  Then I will know where the layer is going instead with certainty.

Yes, the palette should scroll the list of sheets and layers and provide visual feedback where the dragged item will be inserted. And cut/copy/paste should be added next to Delete in the action pop up menu of the palette. Paste could then happen above the selected item.

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