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Wish list for Canvas Draw

Now that Albert got me past the bug I found in Canvas Draw 6, I'm using it. Here is the first item I would like to see added:

Add a Style sheet popup list in the Properties bar under the Insert: Choose Char popup box, like this,


Oops, the Style box should read Choose Style:


I work with ~25 layers in each sheet, and ~7 such sheets in a document.  I work mainly on detailed scaled drawings with the Document Layout toolbox open and stretched to maximum height on my screen.

I have problems with the Document Layout toolbox.  When I want to move a layer in the Document Layout toolbox window to the lower third of the window, or if the sheet I want to move it to is not visible in the Document Layout toolbox because I need to scroll down more, I cannot move the layer to the correct place.  Many times the layer goes to the top of the Document Layout toolbox window.  I don't really know if it will go where I left my mouse cursor when I released the mouse button.  Also, if I select a layer with a slight drag in the click, sometimes the affected layer moves to the top of the Document Layout toolbox window, or a copy of the layer goes there.

Request for feature:  In the Layout menu's Layout sub-menu, have an actions treating layers similar to how objects are treated in Object menu's Arrange sub-menu.  Be able move the layer up or down within the sheet, much like we can for objects within a layer.  If you try to move the top layer up, or if you try to move the bottom layer down, you get a blip sound to indicate you cannot move it anymore in that direction.  Also, have a way to send current layer to a different sheet, much like we can send objects to a different layer.  Then I will know where the layer is going instead with certainty.

Yes, the palette should scroll the list of sheets and layers and provide visual feedback where the dragged item will be inserted. And cut/copy/paste should be added next to Delete in the action pop up menu of the palette. Paste could then happen above the selected item.

Please add a feature to let me scale my printouts. 

I'm working on house plans. While I can read them (or at least proof them) at a scale of 1/8 inch = 1 foot on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, other people can't. It'd be nice to be able to print my drawings at 200 or 400 percent, or at least on ledger paper, but at a specified percentage, so I can use a physical ruler to measure things if I want. 

I guess I could print a .pdf and scale it. But that's an extra step.

Or I could spend hours enlarging everything, and tweaking all of those often-misbehaving dimension lines. But then I'd have to print a huge drawing every time I print.

Or I could go back to Canvas 6 on my old iBook.

What to do?

It seems to me that you're focusing on features that a few people use, while forgetting about some of the more widely-used functions.

I really want you to succeed with Canvas Draw for Mac. I've been a fan since Canvas 3, back in the early 1990s. Thanks for bringing it back.

I'd appreciate it if you'd fix the Attributes Palette so I can tell what I'm doing when using it.

I'm creating a lot of parallel strokes. I've had to use a workaround to figure out what I've created, or to create new one.

Strokes: I'd like to choose from the list of point sizes I've defined, rather than having to remember them and typing them in. The representations on the right side of the palette don't tell me anything. It'd be nice if there were a list like the one on the Presets Palette.

Inks: The aspect ratio of the generic inks on the right side of the palette makes it unusable. It'd be nice if it appeared like the fly-out palette on the Tool Box. (Not like the palette on the Presets Palette—its aspect ratio is bizarre, too.)

Perhaps if the user could resize the palette on the screen that'd help. But then I'd want it to retain that size every time I opened it. I'm already having to click back and forth between a bunch of tabs on the Attributes and Presets palettes—extra steps. Having to resize or scroll through little pop-up windows every time they open gets tiring.

Thanks for all your hard work on getting Canvas going again.

Victoria McGraw wrote: " It'd be nice to be able to print my drawings at 200 or 400 percent, or at least on ledger paper, but at a specified percentage, so I can use a physical ruler to measure things if I want."

There's a percent box in the print window, would that do what you want?

Please tell me where. I can't find it in Canvas Draw (or in Canvas X 16)—not in the Print Dialog, nor in Print Settings. And there's no Page Setup option in the File Menu.

 I have chatted recently with the Canvas people about this and they've told me no, there's no way to print at a different size.

But if you're seeing something I'm not, please let me know. I'll be forever grateful.

Wow, it's not there. I've complained about the print window before, but now I'm really peeved. In my opinion the developers are being very stupid to side-step standard operations. I hate having to go to a separate window to make choices, completely breaks what we are so used to in every other app. I dumped QuarkXpress years ago for Canvas X because of the same issue. I hate it in the new Canvas, more so now that they eliminate standard operations.

I see that Preview has the percent box, see if saving as PDF then change the percent in the that print window will work for you.

OK, I went ahead and bought the upgrade to Canvas Draw 6. 

Please state pen widths in decimals, like you did in Canvas Draw 5. Or at least let me choose decimals or fractions.

 The only time I can think of (at the moment) where one would want fractions is for inches.

Sorry, I don't post much so I don't know how to shrink these pix on this blog, and I don't feel like tweaking them right now.

Canvas Draw 5


Canvas Draw 6


You do have control of the style of numbers. Somehow you must have inadvertently set fractions as your number type. Change that by clicking once on the Layout menu, then click once on Document Setup..., then click once on Format and choose one of the decimal listings, the bottom one is the fractions style you don't want.

image     image     image

Thanks, Kohanmike.

I do want inches with fractions for what I'm creating, floor plans with dimension lines.

But when it comes to specifying line weights in points, I want decimals, not fractions. In Canvas Draw 5 the pen palette had, for instance, 3.70 points. In Canvas Draw 6 it's now 3 11/16 points. Same drawing, no changes in Document Setup, nor Preferences.

I can't remember the decimal equivalents of fractions in my head beyond eighths and maybe sixteenths. So now I've got to create a cheat sheet and figure out where to put it.

Or go back to Canvas 6 on my old iBook...

Right, good point. I've had enough problems with scroll flickering and text columns in v6 that I'm staying with v5 on my new Mac mini and Mojave (you did mean v5 on your iBook)

Yeah, I can't scroll with my mouse wheel in v. 6 either. Since Apple has forbidden scrolling arrows (dumbly), that leaves few options for moving around the page. But that's a different discussion...

No, not Canvas Draw 5. I mean the 20+ year-old Canvas v. 6 from Deneba. But I don't remember if it has the little coordinate square that lets you specify from which corner or center you're resizing something. That has become vital to what I'm doing. It did exist in Page Maker, so maybe it's there in the old old Canvas.

It doesn't seem like the Canvas GFX people are reading this blog. There haven't been any replies from them. Is there a better way to get their attention?

Whew, that's way back there. I just recently started using Mojave and didn't realize no more scroll arrows, but clicking on the bottom or top edge seems to do the same.

I think it's hit and miss with Canvas GFX people here, but to contact them directly, at the top of the window is a New Support Ticket link that goes directly to them, I use it all the time. Also, someone always answers the phone number up there, though they might not have exact answers themselves, but will create a ticket.

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