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Bugs in Canvas 6

Just downloaded CD 6 and already discovered a bug. when scrolling, the screen constantly blinks, basically redraws with every movement. Plus a grey box will appear for a moment obscuring part of the screen.

Deal breaker for me, went back to CD 5.

Thanks. I guess the two main issues with not updating for the long term are 1) loss of security updates and 2) inability to run modern software. But with your new Mini you are good for several years to come. You can send me the older MBP, ha!

Well, let's see, a 2011 MBP 17" Quad Core 2.2MHz i7 with 16GB of RAM, a 2TB internal SSD, an internal SuperDrive, an ExpressCard SD reader, a 2 TB dual drive RAID-0 external Firewire 800 backup drive, a GoFlex Thunderbolt 1 drive adapter with 4 drives (750, 500, 500, 250) and CF card reader, a Canon i80 color printer with battery, power supply and carry case, and Includes a backpack with extra cables and second 85w power supply. will be a bargain at $750.

Oh! So you're not just going to send it then. What if we skip the backpack? Ha!

Ah, in that case, $749.

See, you can be reasonable!

Update on the Mac Mini I bought, and my twin brother Al also bought the exact same one. We went to set them up today, I attached my Dell 19" display I've been using as a second screen with my MacBook Pro, he used a new Dell 24" 4K display. I used a DisplayPort to USB-C cable, he used an HDMI to HDMI 1.4 to his. We turned on the Minis, but neither would show anything on the displays. Having a good amount of trouble shooting experience, we went through the process of changing cables, changing displays, etc., nothing worked. I called Apple support but after him going through the same steps we did, was transferred to a senior advisor who had us do a number of resets and then told us we'll have to take them into an Apple Store Genius Bar for them to do a system update. 

Got to the store and the genius tried but failed to get them going. Each person was very surprised that both machines had the exact same faults. I had to leave them for warranty service, which will be to replace the mother boards in both Minis, if that doesn't work, they will replace both, which were custom ordered. Very, very disappointing. Since 1986 when I bought my first Mac, I've never had this kind of problem. Seems Apple's quality control has slipped.

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