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Symbol Manager - Line behind Symbol

I'm trying to figure out how to use the Symbol Manager to show a line with repeating symbols (in this case just letters and numbers that have been made into custom symbols, so I have that figured out)

I've been able to achieve what I need just fine, except for one important detail - 

the line is in front of the symbol and I need it to be behind the symbol. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that, even after thoroughly reviewing the manual and help system, along with much fiddling around (i.e., wasting time).

Attached is a Canvas file that illustrates what I need to do.

Please help!


That appears to be a bug in the system. You might wish to generate a Support Ticket reporting it.

I don't know if this will work for you, I did it in Canvas Draw on my Mac, but I drew a single line full length, typed a space W space then filled the text object background white, then duplicated the W and placed them in position.






Thanks to you both for the quick replies!

vegas89134 - I have generated a support ticket for the issue

Kohanmike - Thanks for your suggestion, but I know how to do it manually.  I need for the lines to be created as desired automatically. This is for a utility plan for a landscape design; very basic and I can do exactly what I want except for the problem of the line in front. I've tried a number of things, including a later with a white box, etc. for use as a symbol for inserting into the Pen Symbol Manager,  but it still puts the line in front with no option I can find for any layering, so the end result is basically strikethrough/obscured text, which is not an acceptable end result.


I have grappled with the same issue. It would be nice to be able to create custom lines that incorporated a line and symbol. MapInfo has a separate bitmap editor program for doing just that. Which suggests why such a feature may not be available in Canvas.

My solution has been to create the basic building block as a symbol and then use Ctrl D to duplicate the symbol as many times as I need.
E.g. for a fault line on a geological map select the symbol, then build up a composite line with as many of basic building block as you need.

As a variation you can get the symbols to follow a path.


Here's a second solution that I have just discovered.

Use the Customizing Symbol Strokes capability. It is in the help manual (new one to me, something to learn every day).

Create your symbol, in my example it is for a fault line. Create a custom symbol stroke by clicking on "Select Symbol". When you are happy you can save as a preset. Then you draw a line and apply the custom symbol stroke you have created.


The power and ease of Canvas never ceases to amaze me. For such a capable package it is so deceptively unassuming and unknown!

I am using Canvas X 2019 GIS. I have just created a symbol by drawing, as you did a black line, a rectangle with no border and white fill and the letter "F" for fault. I set the elements in the right order - line at back, rectangle in middle, letter at front.  I used the align tool to align these elements horizontally and vertically. Finally I grouped the three elements and dragged the group into my Symbol Library.

I then proceeded to create a Custom Symbol Stroke as described in my previous post and applied the Custom Symbol Stroke to a straight and curved line. As you can see from the image below it achieves your desired outcome.  Clearly there needs to be a bit of fiddling with spacing of the symbol to get a nicer line along a curved path but your main issue of having the text in front of the line is solved.


Thank you for posing a question that made me find a solution for a problem that I had not solved for myself despite complaining to myself about it over the years.

This solution has opened up the possibility of so many line styles for geological maps.

One last thing, Jeff,  in order to prevent a line appearing in front of your symbol in the Custom Symbol Stroke dialog, set your Centreline Weight to 0. Rely on your symbol design to give you the linework you need.

If the weight is a non-zero value you do get a line in front of your symbol .

You might put in a request to Canvas to include an option for the line to be set in front of or behind the symbol. That would be very useful.

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