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When is v. 6 coming?

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about v. 6. It seems like it's usually around this time of year that we get news of the next update (even if it doesn't ship until later in the summer)

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It turns out that I had to deactivate my machine (which deactivates CD 5) before activating CD 6. They should allow us to deactivate the software product; deactivating the machine is very counterintuitive because I want to keep using the same machine with the new CD...

Scrolling is smooth for me. My laptop has 16 GB of ram. Maybe it redraws with lesser amounts of ram?

Hi, updates are just that, small increments not major releases so they will not come up when you choose the menu option under help. So right now you install Canvas Draw 6 (major version) and then tomorrow for some reason we put out an update (minor release), Canvas Draw 6 will notify you so long as the build number is older or smaller than they new one being released as minor update. Hope this helps in any confusion.

I would say don't expect .cx export, they're planning to move everything to .cnv. 

When I launched CD6, it borught up a window to enter my registered email address and password, and it started up as a full working version.

As Kohanmike stated, when you launch Canvas Draw 6 for the first time, it does prompt you for your registered e-mail address and password. Up to that point, the security features of macOS 10.14 Mojave kick in; I would guess that Sierra (10.12) and High Sierra (10.13) do the same. As Canvas Draw is not available through the App Store, macOS takes measures to protect user data and the system. I cannot recall which Gatekeeper message came up during my first launch, but Canvas Draw was not prevented from opening when I acknowledged the warning that I was launching software downloaded from the Internet. 

I have to wonder if CanvasGFX has an Apple Developer ID and if they sandbox Canvas Draw.

As Richard Allmendinger noted, The upgrade path for upgrading to Canvas Draw 6 is not obvious on the Canvas Draw homepage. The options presented for acquiring Canvas Draw 6 are grouped into three categories:

  • Buy has buttons for BUY NOW ($249 $199) and FREE TRIAL.
  • Subscribe  has buttons for SUBSCRIBE and FREE TRIAL.
  • Upgrade has buttons for UPGRADE and FREE TRIAL.
As I have Software Assurance, I clicked the UPGRADE button in the Upgrade tab. That took me to my CanvasID User Portal where there are listings for Canvas Draw 3 through Canvas Draw 5, but nothing for Canvas Draw 6. Canvas Draw is still an absentee now that I have downloaded and registered the software.

The Support and Resources page is not what users would instinctively look for a download. That stated, I cannot wait until I have enough free time to play with Canvas Draw 6.

The trouble that I had was knowing how to deactivate my CD5 license so I could activate my CD6 license. Most software that allows you to use a single license on a single computer at a time (rather than, say installing the same license on a desktop and a laptop), enable you to deactivate your license right in the app itself: cancel the license and the (older) version immediately becomes a time limited demo.

For Canvas Draw you have to deactivate on the canvasgfx or acd web sites. But even, once having logged into their web site, as Michael Dawson captures well, it is not clear what to do. There is no "Deactivate" button/link next to the listing of CD5. Instead, counterintuitively, you have to deactivate the computer on which the software is installed. For the unsuspecting user, this may be confusing: why should I deactivate my computer when it is the same computer that I want to run CD6 on?! Will I be able to run any version of Canvas Draw after deactivating my computer. But that is what you have to do, and then everything will work okay.

It would be far more user friendly if Canvas Draw handled all of this within the app rather than requiring a trip to a confusing web page: You could deactivate CD5 with a simple menu command (and the program would automatically inform acd that the license had been deactivated). And then you could activate CD6 from within the app as you do now. Even simpler for the user: when they try to activate CD6, they would get a message: "We noticed you already have CD5 activated under this license. Would you like us to deactivate that license for you automatically so you can activate CD?"

I am sure next year at this time I will have forgotten all of this and have to flounder around once again figuring out how to do this. But, there is a simpler way...

I didn't deactivate anything, I can run v5 and v6 anytime.

| Kohanmike wrote:

| I didn't deactivate anything, I can run v5 and v6 anytime.

Ditto. I have Canvas Draw 5 and Canvas Draw 6 installed. Similarly, when I updated to Canvas Draw 4 and then a year later, Canvas Draw 5, I never had to deactivate the previous version. The only issue is that now when I launch Canvas Draw 5 I get the following warning:


Other than that, everything seems to be fine. The only reason Canvas Draw 3 and Canvas Draw 4 are no longer on my iMac is because I removed them. The only thing I did to my previous installation was to change the name from “Canvas Draw” to “Canvas Draw 5.” If I had a need, I could re-install the older versions from the activation page for my CanvasID account.

The hardest part for me was figuring out how to upgrade to Canvas Draw 6. Once I saw Kohanmike’s post with the link to Support page for Canvas Draw 6, I downloaded the package, renamed v5, and then dragged the Canvas Draw 6 application package to the alias of my Application folder. When I launched Canvas Draw 6 for the first time, I was prompted for my CanvasID (registered e-mail) and password. Had I not changed the name of the v5 application package, I am sure that macOS would either given me a warning message or saved the package with a number appended to the end of the filename.

After that Canvas Draw 6 completed its launch process and opened a Welcome document. I found that kind of neat, as some other software for macOS similarly greet the user on the initial launch.

So, other than not having an obvious Download button on the Canvas Draw 6 homepage, or sending out an e-mail notice to users with an active subscription or Software Assurance, installing Canvas Draw 6 should not have been an ordeal for you. As an engineer and operations research analyst, I have to wonder what is different about your installation that you needed to, or was given the impression that you needed to, deactivate Canvas Draw 5 first.

Well, I guess I'm just unlucky. I did exactly as Michael D. did: renamed CD5, launched CD6, entered my software assurance credentials, and was informed something like "you have exceeded the number of permitted installations" (or something like that; I don't remember now exactly what the message said). Maybe they released CD6 before they updated their web pages/software assurance credential checking and I just got bit by early adopter bugs (wouldn't be the first time).

I don't particularly need or want CD5 any more. In my brief experience, CD6 is better in every way and I'm always looking to free up disk space.

Nonetheless, that experienced users like the two Michaels and me could have had such different experiences in upgrading suggests that the software assurance program is failing in one key regard: making upgrading transparent and effortless. The only thing they have made effortless (for them) is charging my credit card on an annual basis!

Well, after trying many ways to upgrade I finally gave up and had a nice chat online. This ended successfully by getting a V6 serial number added to my Apps and hey presto everything works fine. Except of course a few bugs still to be sorted. First ticket request about gradient edits crashing app just as in 5. Hey ho. But new version does look very nice.

I have been using Canvas in it's various incarnations for over 20 years.  I've been suffering thru the many bugs (most of which I've reported but to no effect) in CD V5 and wondering whether anyone was still maintaining CD. 

Today I went to this website and lo and behold there is apparently a CD V6!!

I shall now try to wade thru the apparent complexity getting V6.

PS: the attached screen image shows a Print Preview bug that's still there in V5.  CD support acknowledged it . . .

Years ago when I was using QuarkXpress, I gave up on it for one big reason, the extra Print window it had, and went entirely to Canvas without that kind of window. Canvas Draw started using that and I hate it. I don't understand why they have to do that, just adds more steps to set a print job.

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