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When is v. 6 coming?

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about v. 6. It seems like it's usually around this time of year that we get news of the next update (even if it doesn't ship until later in the summer)

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Give em a call and ask, phone number is upper right on tis page.

Yes it would be nice to have a full version update rather than just a bug fix although each new verion seems to have its own bugs! And of course it would be more monies although somnetimes I thgink there are only about 10 Mac users so a big ask for developers  - just for us!

I talked to Nikki in tech support a few weeks ago and she verified that their biggest clients in the aero/space industry are major Canvas Draw users with hundreds of seats. We're just the few people who are on this less than useful forum. I would actually prefer bug fixes, I've been running into more and more lately.

So, they must get a lot of feedback from those hundreds of 'seats'. Stangely, they dont (or ever have- had) input into these forums. Strange.

They've had those clients before ACD and I don't know of any of them having used the forums, or they didn't mention working for any of those companies. Each time the forum moves, it looses members. This one is especially limited. It's main purpose is to create support tickets, with a bit of forum function thrown in.

I was on the phone yesterday with James at ACD tech support, ACD is taking up the tech support slack as CanvasGFX personnel focus on Canvas development. I asked about the next release of Canvas Draw and he said it looks like it will be the end of the year, late November, early December. I was actually a little disappointed to hear that, hoping for an incremental bug fix much sooner. It seems the Canvas Draw development team is shorthanded. I wish I had the knowledge, I would step up.

Many thanks kohanmike for keeping us in the loop. I think I will wait one more time to see if long standing issues are resolved. If not switch at great expense to pc version under Parallels.

I knew Mike could wring it out of them!

Whether or not I'm disappointed will probably depend on what they are planning to include in the next update! If there are things I'm dying for, I'm willing to wait a bit longer but if it is a minor incremental upgrade, I'll be disappointed...

I sort of half expected that a subscription model implied a new major update every year. If the upgrade cycle slips to every 1.5 - 2 years, I'm not sure the subscription model makes sense over just buying a perpetual license and paying for upgrades periodically...

Well, imagine my surprise when I came to the CanvasGFX site to see if anything new or interesting was being added to the forums to see Canvas Draw 6 is now available. Some of the new features seem pretty frelling awesome and range from catch up to Canvas X 2019 and others seem to be brand new for either edition.

As I have not yet received an e-mail notice, I am guessing that Canvas Draw 6 was released today.

Wow, guess I cant rely on ACD actually knowing, though I'm always grateful for feedback from James. The built in Check for Updates shows up-to-date, but here's the link for CD 6.

Release notes are here:

Yes it is interesting that when I check for updates, I get,


I guess that they are still catching up, or the Webmaster jumped the gun. 樂 As my Software Assurance was just renewed this past April, I think that at some point soon I would get a notice for my free upgrade as I did last summer upgrading from Canvas Draw 4 to Canvas Draw 5.

Any time like this, I feel like a kid in the candy store. That feeling is more so now because my current workload is taking up nearly all my waking hours. My occupation is data related whereas graphics is one of my hobbies, but a hobby that affords me the ability to create content that looks professional.

Well kohanmike here I am in Kotor Monte Negro and devouring an iced coffee (it’s hot hot) and up pops up Draw 6 . Might have to get home early to see if team got those irritating bugs out of the way! Do you think we will get the upgrade if in the program, I’m all paid up. John

I just downloaded v. 6 from the web site. It installed as a trial version next to my CD5 (which I renamed). I have the software assurance plan but it is not clear how to add CD6 to that plan. They really need to make upgrading to a new version clearer and more straightforward for software assurance (i.e., subscription) holders.

The new version overall looks more polished: better more refined icons, smart snaps seem more intelligent, auto-dimensioning works as advertised. Lots of new text options that I haven't tried yet. The new page navigator looks like it will be very useful for multipage documents. The new visual combine tool is confusing at first but once you get the hang of it -- you have to drag to select multiple segments -- it is pretty cool! The new mirror effect will be very useful for artistic endeavors, but probably much less useful for the type of technical illustration that I do. Likewise, vector brushes will be useful for artistic projects but not so much for technical illustration. In brief playing around, both vector brushes and mirroring seem to work well. Hidden away there is a new object path editor palette that looks like it will be extremely useful for technical illustration.

The downsides: no .cvx export, no svg import (even though that is presented as an option on the open dialog box, CD cannot even open its own svg files), no improvements at all to the mapping situation. Yes one can still open a Canvas GIS document from the Windows side, but no mapping info is preserved.

That's what I've discovered so far.

I downloaded 6 from the link I posted. When I launched it, it brought up a window to enter my email address and password I use for my subscription. Doing so started Canvas completely ready to go. Does your version redraw the screen constantly when you scroll? I started a bug report thread.

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