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Joining multiple vector objects to only show outline

I have an ongoing need to automate creating a continuous outline of multiple  vector shapes, e.g., circles.  and for it to result in only one object (as opposed to grouped multiple objects)


The manual process involves: 

breaking the objects at intersecting lines, 

deleting  the interior sections, 

and then joining the resulting shape.

Please see the attached Canvas file illustrating the kind of thing I need to do.


This is how it's done in Canvas Draw for Mac, but I'm sure it's the same for Windows; select all the circles, click on the Effects menu and choose Combine... In the window that opens, choose Add or Outline.

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Kohanmike is correct. That's exactly how it works in Windows.

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Thanks so much; this is exactly what I need to know!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most elusive...

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