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Preference won't stick

Trying a simple Preference change from Letter size at start up to A4. The default tick box just stays grey and change won't apply.  Is this the same in Draw 5?

Yes. I get around it by saving documents as a template with the preference settings I want. 

Many thanks. Finally did it using Custom then setting to A4.

Ah, good catch, I didn't pay attention to that tab when choosing New. I do like when saving as a template, they all show up on the first tab, which I set to show when choosing New. I have three different file type I use all the time.

Now to get link manager working properly when making an html page. Depending on settings I don’t always get a live link in the html file and have to go into an html editor.

I use Link Manager all the time. My links always work, but I do have other problems. What settings do you mean? 

Hello again. I have sent a cvd file and html to support be interesting to see ‘where I am going wrong’! I might have 10 links in a file three work the others don't all when inline text block. All the links to images work though. Some text links have blue underline others don’t even though I have the blue and underline box ticked. If I change colour and delete underline invariably it won’t link to web when published. I’m using centred table option not css which I suspect is the bug in the nest!
Yes but I want my page centre on screen instead of over to the left.

Oops, I was wrong, i use HTML 4 Centered, but never loose a link when I save the document.

My problem is I have about 180 links in a columned snaking list that each play a song which I recorded during rehearsal for my ukulele group. My problem is when I copy/paste the song title with the link over to the side of the page, it does not retain the link, I have to create the link again. Also, when I expand the first column to fit more songs, the title that moves from the top of the second to the bottom of the first column looses the link.

On the one hand I would settle for never loosing a link on save! On the column list that sounds awful. Have you ever tried: Brand new text not cut and pasted in a new file (in case something is invisibly interfering), Or copying out to say Word, selecting all text and use Word delete all styles/formatting? Importing into to say Dreamweaver and spotting where the active link zone actually is? Best of luck john
...and then there is the whole ball game of deleting Library canvas/gfx plists etc etc etc!!! And of course program reinstall . Has nt worked for me yet.

It's not that important to go through all that, I just remake the link. A few weeks ago Nikki in support suggested I delete the various pref files, which worked for some of the problems I had, but not the link problems. She said they're aware of the Link Manager issues. 

To add one more issue; in previous versions, the Link Manager would save a list of the links in that document in User Defined, in the last couple of versions it does not. That would certainly help when loosing links.

Back to Preferences in general, changes just don't stick, and bypassing this with templates doen't address what should be an easily-fixed issue.  My pet peeve is Number format. The default is N.x2 but I prefer N.xx3 and I set it for new documents. I check "Save as default" in the Preferences dialog, but open a new window and its always N.x2. Other changes stick when quitting and restarting Canvas Draw - eg, which tool dialogs are open and their positions - but not the Preferences, even in the same session of Canvas Draw. Deleting plists in my hidden Library folder doesn't help. I don't know about whether deleting files in the Application Support folder is safe or relevant. Advice welcome.

Have you contacted support? The link is at the top of the page, Support Ticket. Nikki had me delete the Application Support files, which fixed some of my problems, but I have a feeling the preference issues are either bugs, or they decided to only allow custom settings to be saved as a template, which works for me since I have the Template tab come up first with all my templates in one view.

Yes, did now. Its a niggle, but when I see others with the same problem it rises to the point of action! Thanks for the prod.

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