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Clouding plan revisions

Clouding plan revisions

We use Canvas X and need to indicate what portion of our plans we have revised when re-submitting to the regulatory agencies.

We need to be able to do what CAD programs do with red "cloud" lines around the revised components.

Any assistance would be appreciated.  --Andrew

Perhaps not as elegant as a CAD cloud tool, but you can obtain a fairly decent cloud effect using the Multigon tool in Canvas.

1. Create a new layer to use for clouds

2 Set the Fill ink to transparent, and the Pen ink to red. Select a pen width suitable for the size of your drawing (1 - 2 pts)

3. Select the Multigon (star) tool inside Rectangle in Tool Box.

4. In the Properties Bar, select Star Outline in the Style list box.

5. Choose an arbitrary number in Points. e.g. 18 - 24

6. Place a check in Smooth

7. Choose an Inset Ratio of 70 - 90 % to control the height of the lobes.

8. Drag a box around the component you wish to  highlight with a cloud. The dimensions of the cloud can be altered by dragging an edge of the bounding box.

When you have a cloud setup which pleases you, it can be saved by clicking on Presents in the Properties Bar and saving the shape for future use without all the setup steps.

Hope this helps.

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WOW!  You got back to me so quick and with such a great description for a solution.  I am so grateful.

Good idea.

Tell me, did you do this just to be helpful?  ... and people say that the world is falling apart  ;-)

THANKS!  --Andrew

It seemed like a thing that Canvas should be able to do, so I took a stab at it. It was a challenge that allowed me to postpone cutting the grass.

I like it, good tutorial. There are lots of good people out there, I stopped watching the news, watch only the CBS Sunday Morning show about people doing good things for each other, not bad. I also stopped watching all the overly dramatic, confrontational TV shows and watch mainly shows where people help and teach each other, like remodeling, construction, car building, cooking shows that are not contests; Property Brothers, Last Chance Garage, American Chopper now that they stopped fighting, This Old House, America's Test Kitchen, Man, Fire Food, Bargain Mansions, Garage Squad, stuff like that.

If you need to apply a cloud to an irregularly shaped component or area, it's possible to place a couple of  "clouds" on top of  each other to cover  different parts of the component, and then select both clouds and combine them using the Add feature.

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Or, having satisfied yourself with the cloud, you could drag it into your symbols library. The same applies vegas89134's suggestion, once you have created an irregular cloud by combining two regular clouds, save them as a symbol. (I've done that for almost a dozen variations of a borehole symbol).

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I use the Symbols library for keeping my ukulele chord diagrams for music sheets that I transfer to my iPad Pro as PDF via Dropbox.


I am glad to read it. 

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