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Where is the Canvas Draw for Mac forum and all posts that it contained?

Where is the former Canvas Draw for Mac forum and all posts that it contained? It does not show in the forum main page at



Somewhere, either here or on the old forum, was a notice that the old forum would eventually disappear as a consequence of the shift to Canvas GFX.


1. Thanks. Yet, it is confusing that ACD System Forums are here

yet it does not contain Canvas or Canvas Draw, which are at


It would be convenient if all forums were merged into one page. Otherwise it is misleading.

2. It would be also useful the option to edit previously posted messages.

3. Finally, the bold button in this form does not work on Safari 12.1.1 (12607. on macOS 10.12.6 (16G2016) Sierra.


re: @AceX note 1. 

Canvas GFX and ACD Systems are separate companies so the forums are now separate. From the About page on Canvas GFX website:

Where We Came From

Canvas GFX, Inc. was originally part of Deneba Systems, and was acquired in 2003 by ACD Systems International Inc., a Canadian digital imaging software firm headquartered in Victoria, Canada,  In 2017 Canvas GFX was spun out of ACD as a separate company and now has its own management team and Board of Directors. The new team is charged with developing Canvas GFX into the standard solution for technical documentation covering the complete documentation life-cycle, from inception to publishing.

I for one am very happy that Canvas departed from ACD and in the hands of the original developers. ACD killed the Mac version, which was an obvious outcome since ACD was a Windows only company. It took lots of complaints to get them to bring back Canvas for Mac. Since spinning off, Canvas is methodically becoming the app it once was.

I also agree that this new forum leaves a lot to be desired. From what I understand it's main purpose is to submit a support ticket (at the top of the page) with an additional function of being a forum, so it lags way behind dedicated forum functionality. The way I get around not having an edit function is to copy the text of my post, delete that post with the trash can that appears when you mouse over the post (stupid that it's hidden otherwise), then paste and edit the text.

Thanks for the information. I have seen that they explain it at

About Canvas GFX

Where We Came From

BTW, what does GFX stand for?

I don't know if it has a greater significance, but I expect that GFX is intended to be a compression of  graphics.

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