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Importing or opening Canvas X files (.cvx) in Canvas Draw 5

Hey all, I am currently evaluating Canvas Draw 5 for Mac. I previously used Canvas X version X.0.2 Build: 925 and I have a number of files that were saved as .cvx files. Many of these files contained a mixture of both text written in Canvas X and images that were pasted in. I can open these files fine in Canvas X but when I try to open them in Canvas Draw 5 the pasted images are not visible. If I click on the place where the image was supposed to be then a box appears, implying that something is actually there, yet nothing can be seen. The text and any objects I make in Canvas X are visible in Canvas Draw 5 fine but the pasted images are not.

Does anyone have any explanation for this and can you help me with it because I need to be able to open my old files and the ability to do so will affect my decision on whether to buy the product (Canvas Draw 5) or not.

Thank you, Alan.

Also remember that Canvas Draw can't open pict files. All you'll get is a white rectangle. If you have any pict files to group with text, etc., convert the pict files to png or another bitmap format, delete the pict versions, then group what remains & save it as a cvx file.

I have pic files. my issue was the white boxes - I can see the pic files in EPS format (can be ungroup0ed but breaks the images to pieces) or in CVI with no ungrouping option would PNG work with possible ungrouping ?

same with PNG, TIFF, or bitmap- no ungrouping so basically unworkable. Is there a way to define the images for EPS ?

   Pict files are another bitmap format. If you open a pict file in CVX and select it, you will see its resolution at the  bottom of the screen. While it is still selected, save it as a png file or other bitmap format at the same resolution. Then you will be able to open it in Canvas Draw. 

   By the way, if you have a pict graphic on a Mac running OSX, you can open the pict graphic in a program like GraphicConverter, then save it as a png, jpg or other format that Canvas Draw can read.

Try saving as a PDF, then open in Canvas Draw, ungroup a couple of times or more, then save as CNV. Bitmap means all objects become one object, JPG, CVI, TIFF, PNG, EPS, so saving in any of those formats will do you no good.

PNG, jpeg, TIFF, Pict, CVI etc. are all bitmapped and none of them can be ungrouped to get the original pieces, not even in Canvas X.

  If you have a CVX document that contains tiff, jpeg, png, pict, CVI, text, and draw objects like rectangles, and you want to export it to Canvas Draw, convert all pict graphics and CVI objects to png or jpeg, then delete the pict & CVI versions. Then you can group the tiff, jpeg, png, text, and draw objects and save the document in CVX format. That document can be opened & ungrouped in Canvas Draw.


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Hi res PDF seems to work

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