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Importing or opening Canvas X files (.cvx) in Canvas Draw 5

Hey all, I am currently evaluating Canvas Draw 5 for Mac. I previously used Canvas X version X.0.2 Build: 925 and I have a number of files that were saved as .cvx files. Many of these files contained a mixture of both text written in Canvas X and images that were pasted in. I can open these files fine in Canvas X but when I try to open them in Canvas Draw 5 the pasted images are not visible. If I click on the place where the image was supposed to be then a box appears, implying that something is actually there, yet nothing can be seen. The text and any objects I make in Canvas X are visible in Canvas Draw 5 fine but the pasted images are not.

Does anyone have any explanation for this and can you help me with it because I need to be able to open my old files and the ability to do so will affect my decision on whether to buy the product (Canvas Draw 5) or not.

Thank you, Alan.


  I have so many old cvx files that I open some almost every day, but I don't have any problem.

Try this, in Canvas Draw, in the Layout menu, open the Display drop down menu and de-select Wire Frame.


I tried that bud. Didn't work. Thing is if I save the Canvas X .cvx file as a .cvi file then it opens fine in Canvas Draw. It The Canvas X .cvx files contain a mixture of pasted images from non-Canvas programs and text from Canvas X. I can't help feeling though that there is a trick with Canvas Draw that will let me open it as the original .cvx file. I'm happy to attach one of the files to see if you can open the image parts.

Please attach a file, I'd like to try as well. As far as I understand, it doesn't matter where the image originated, once it comes into Canvas, it becomes Canvas format, but I thought I read somewhere in Canvas release notes that when importing certain older Canvas files, images might be blank boxes.

Sure, if you can attach a file, I'll see what I can figure out.

I'm attaching 2 files. One is the original, ungrouped .cvx image created in Canvas X containing a few images (pasted in) and some text and shapes (added in Canvas X).

The other is the same .cvx file only saved as a .cvi file. I've added this so you can see what images should be there.



  The graphics in your .cvx file are in pict format. Pict is not supported by Canvas Draw.

If you have a computer running Canvas X, you can open the cvx files, then bitmat the graphics. Remove the pict versions from the files and re-save as cvx. They should open fine in Canvas Draw. If you no longer have access to Canvas X, let us know.

Issue is resolved. Thanks for all your help everyone. It was the format of the original images that was the problem.

Thanks for all your help, Alan.

have the same issue, pics are gone from canvas X files  when I opened those on Canvas draw 6 (trial version) is it required to re insert all images to get this to work. If so its a problem 

The problem with CVI save is that the objects cannot be ungrouped which makes those un usable for me

I have some free time today so will try out a few things in Canvas X and then switch over to Canvas Draw. I'll post here if I find anything helpful.


Just to be clear, Canvas CFI means Canvas Image  format. To save a grouped Canvas X file, or any Canvas X file as a CFI file means that you are bitmapping it, just as if you were saving it as a jpeg or png file. If you open a CFI file in CVX, you still can't ungroup it.

I haven't had any problems importing grouped image & text files if they were saved as CVX files and then opened in CD 5 or 6.

I will tray again 

Canvas X that I have does not have a CFI I tried a CVI and several others would bitmap work? (I can see the images when I saved the files in canvas X  EPS but each image is broken to small rectangles this extra processing is a problem). 

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