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Can someone export a Canvas X file for me to AI, EPS & PDF Formats

I created a community map in Canvas X in 2007. I am no longer able to open the file(s). The city/chamber of commerce would like to use portions of the map for a new project. Would a member of the community be willing to open my files and export as AI, EPS and PDF formats (as I am not sure which they will need)? Any member available to help with this? I would greatly appreciate it! Please reply. Thanks!

Do you have Canvas still? I wasn't aware the format had changed. Old files open okay at this end.

My systems will no longer run Canvas X (the version that I have). So I left Canvas X behind several years ago (like 10 years? maybe). I would have to upgrade my system to run the latest Canvas. I use Mac.

I'm on a Mac using Canvas Draw 5. It will open what is the extension tag for your files. Also, I'm sure CanvasGFX can convert the files, contact  them and see what they say. Phone number is top of this window on the right.

I just discovered that I apparently had already exported the files to AI at some point in the past (perhaps when I learned I wouldn't be able to upgrade without buying a new system). Thanks everyone for all the offers of assistance. If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know.

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