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Import PDF problem.

The leader of my ukulele group designs the PDFs of our song sheets in iDraw/Graphics. It's not an app I would normally recommend, I wanted her to use Canvas Draw, but she balked at the $199 price. I remake her sheets in Canvas to fit my iPad Pro 12.9 inch, but when importing the PDF into Canvas Draw, the characters are individual, not continuous sentences or paragraphs. Either iDraw/Graphics does a poor job of creating PDFs, or Canvas Draw does a poor job of importing PDFs, which I think is more likely because I have similar problems with PDFs from other apps.

I've changed the import settings in various ways, but it doesn't help and most of the time it takes 5-10 minutes for Canvas to do the import. I sent in a ticket to Canvas GFX Nikki reproduced the problem and says they will put it on their list.

Canvas Draw does a terrible job of importing pdfs. I've tried importing them created in Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Preview, MS Word, etc., all to no avail. I've tried font substitution, convert to paths, etc, but the imported text is always messed up one way or another. 

  If I create pdfs in Canvas Draw, they open fine in Acrobat & Preview.

Even PDFs I create and export using Canvas import badly. Hopefully Nikki and the crew can fix it.

Canvas Draw can help with the problems of text coming in from PDFs.  For broken up text strings, select the total text which should be together, go to "Text" on the top menu, select "Text Merging", and "Merge Selection."  For the oddities of spacing, "Normalize Font Size" (under "Text") can help.  I have also used the menu options for text spacing and percent vertical and horizontal for the same thing.


Thanks Tim for that great tip. Although with the PDFs I use, it misses some carriage returns and moves some text to the wrong place, see attachments.



It actually seems to be a problem with the PDF, when I try to highlight the text to copy, the selection is not accurate, see the attached. In the first screenshot, I double clicked the word INTRO at the top of the lyrics, slowly slip down to the last word, but as you see, one of the chords and half a sentence did not highlight. In the second screen shot, I double clicked INTRO and slip down slightly to the left of the lyrics section but the left column and bottom text highlighted, which I didn't even get to. Something about sections in a PDF that throws off Canvas.



Something I would like to see when Canvas Draw imports PDFs is a feature in the Windows version.  Specifically, when "Embedded fonts: Substitute" is selected, my former copies of the Windows version would show what fonts needed to be substituted and allowed the selection of a similar font.  That feature would be useful in Canvas Draw.


That function happens when I open an old Canvas doc, would be good to have it for PDFs too. I submitted my issue to tech support and Nikki was able to reproduce it. She added it to their fix list.

I just did an import of a Canvas created PDF and it's perfect. Seems PDFs created with other apps don't conform to the same PDF standards as Canvas does. The ones that give me the most problems have been created with iDraw/Graphic (which also has a fatal  flaw, if you make a text change and close the doc or quit the app while your cursor is active in the text box, it will not warn you that a change has been made, it just closes and eliminates the change).

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