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Canvas Scripting?

Is canvas scripting still being supported? I have been using the library with VB to write routines, but the library seems to pull up Canvas 15 rather than Canvas X (I have both installed). The VB program references the Canvas 1.10 Type library.

Is there a Canvas scripting formum?

I noticed that one of the new features of Canvas X 2019 is Scripting. Has anyone tried this feature? Does it REALLY work? If it does, I'll buy X 2019.



I have asked the same question in this forum and also customer support (I think) in November 2018, but they've gone(?). I can't find it any more.

This is the email reply from the customer support.

> Have you taken a look at the Scripting folder we have? It is located in... \Program Files\ACD Systems\Canvas X GIS 2018\Scripting There are three examples in this folder;
each for different languages: Visual Basic, VBScript, and JavaScript. It also contains a Canvas Scripting Hierarchy and Canvas Scripting Reference Guide.

> Our new Canvas X 2019 version has more updated scripts available. You could download a trial version and take a look at what is available.

I could not get even "Hello World" working. If you know how, please let me know.

As to X 2018, the Scripting Guide included is version 6 which dates back to August 2010. I could not find any recent example of code in the Internet.

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