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Smoothing polygon

Is there anywhere to adjust the smoothing amount when applying to a polygon?

If not could this be a request to add this as a function.



If you mean smoothing the corners, you would not use the polygon tool, use the Curve (Bezier) tool and when you click the end of the next line, keep the mouse down and pull slightly to curve it and make the adjustment handles. When you've completed the shape, use the handles to adjust to your liking.

image  image

Thanks but that is not the problem. I have multiple polygons each drawn with sharp/acute corners. You can use the defaut smooth to get a smooth effect and I was asking whether there is a scale of smoothing option say levels 1-5 and if not whether that function could be added. In my case I want it to smooth less. I cant possibly go to each point and mess with beziers. Thanks again for responding.

OK, got it.

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