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Guides lines


Is it possible to change the width of the guides lines on the guides layer? 



I don't know of a setting to change the width of the guides, but you can change the color of the guides which can give them more contrast with the background. To change guide color, go to Layout…Grids and Guides…Grids and Guides Setting…and choose another Guide Color

Thanks Vegas, I've had to do that as contrast has been an issue with the pictures I'm working with. I would really like to change the width is possible since I'm using these guide lines to highlight features and when you export the images additional clarity would help. 

Can you get the result you need by tracing over the guidelines with line objects whose width can be controlled?

That has been my go-to solution in the past. I have to do it a lot more lately and pulling a guide line out and being able to turn a specific guide layer on/off is just so convenient, I was hoping someone has come across this issue. I've been searching and can't find anything on it, I have a feeling I will be going back to tracing. 

You can create your own guide lines any size you want. Draw a line, make it the width you want, then select it and go to the object menu > Arrange > Send to Guides layer.

When I tried that (in Canvas X 16) it sends the new line to the Guides Layer, but changes the line's attributes to the Guides Layer lines (color and width).  Alternatively, when I select the Guides layer and try to create a line different than the Guides Layer attributes, it won't allow it. You get same color same width whether it be a line or a rectangle. I suppose they had a single intended use for these Guides and that’s it.

You're right, I even went to the guides layer and tried to fill a box, it wouldn't. I filled a box and sent it to the guides layer and the fill went away. Maybe create a layer with your own guide lines any size and color you wish.

A major purpose behind guide lines is to provide a feature to which objects could snap for alignment. Making a guide line wider defeats that purpose by increasing the uncertainty of where the object  would snap.

yes, I was trying to hijack them for another purpose. Given all the other modifications possible, I thought modifiable Guide Lines was doable, guess not. 

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