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Link manager does not export PDF page to page links.

I have a PDF song book I got from the group I play my ukulele with on Sundays. I imported the PDF into Canvas Draw 5  so I could add links from the song list to the song and back to the song list. I highlight a song title, then open Link Manager, then click the Set Hotspot button, which creates a locked blue box on the text. I then click the Pages radio button and drop the link list, choose the page number and click the Apply button. That all seems to work fine, but when I save the file as a PDF, the page link is not there.

I called Canvas GFX support and sent them the file. Nicki checked a couple of things, but said she and the developer group will analyze it and get back to me. She said they're about to release an update of Canvas 5 at the end of the month and will see if this is a fix that needs to be made.



I called Canvas GFX support on Wednesday and explained my problem to Nicki. She did some quick analysis and decided she would have to consult with the developers about my Link Manager problem. I sent her my problem document. She called back today, Friday, and said that I need to use the PDF Advanced export, which I'm very happy to know now, and she said they would see about getting standard PDF export page links to work.

I also mentioned to her the problem I have when copying a word at the beginning of a paragraph, that Canvas includes a carriage return in front of it. She had me do a reset of Canvas by deleting items in the User Library>Application Support>Canvas GFX folder. That worked, but did force me to reset some of my presets. She also noted that there is a bug with flowing text crashing Canvas, which has been fixed in the release coming out in a couple of weeks.

I'm very grateful to Nicki for her expertise and the help she provided.

Good news.

I have only used the standard PDF export by mistake, much preferring the advanced option which allows setting image sizes and quality and other features. 


I use the standard PDF export for music sheets I make up and transfer to my iPad Pro 12.9" which has been no problem, and also for concert programs I make for the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic, haven't needed Advanced, but since it works for the page to page links in a PDF, I'm happy.

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