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How to change the default tool

Could someone please remind me how to change the toolbar's default painting tool from the paintbrush to the crop tool?

I would like the crop tool to be the tool that displays on the toolbox.

Thanks in advance!

To Customize Which Tools Display on the Toolbar: 

1. Right-click the Toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar from the context menu. Do any of the following: To add an item to the Toolbar, choose it from the available icons and drag it onto the Toolbar. You can create spaces between items on the Toolbar by dragging the Space or Flexible Space icons from the Customization Area to your desired location on the Toolbar. 

To remove an item from the Toolbar, drag it off the Toolbar to the Customization Area. 

To restore the default Toolbar, drag it from the bottom of the Customization Area to the Toolbar. 

2. When you are satisfied with the Toolbar, press Done to save your changes.

I think Barry meant the Paint Palette because the Crop tool is not one of the Tool Bar choices. Putting back my deleted post, I didn't know you could set a default tool in the Paint Palette,  I looked through the Canvas Draw 5 guide and couldn't find anything. You can temporarily choose a tool by holding the shift key when you click a tool. (I downloaded a copy).

First of all, let me qualify my response by saying that I am a Canvas X 2019 user, not a Canvas Draw user. From what I can see the UI is not that different.

When there are frequently used tools which require drilling down in the menus to access, I add those tools to the Canvas toolbar. (The excerpt from the Canvas Draw manual which I quoted in my original post tells me that Canvas Draw allows this kind of customization.) I've attached a screen shot of my Canvas X 2019 tool bar which shows the Crop tool, circled in red, in my tool bar where it can be accessed with a single click. Admittedly it's not in the Tool Box as originally requested, but it's right there in the Tool Bar for no-fuss access.

As far as I know, Canvas Draw cannot add Palette items to the Toolbar like the Windows version. As Vegas described, the only tools available are in the Customize Toolbar. I assume like many operations in Canvas Draw, that will be added in further updates. 

Wait, I just realized why I don't find the Toolbar limits a problem, I leave my Paint Palette open all the time, so clicking a tool is just one click.


Many thanks for the replies.

My recollection (which could be mistaken) is that the crop tool could be made the paint palette's default "representative" on the toolbox in old versions of Canvas for Mac (I used 5–9, inclusive).

Hence my question.

But maybe Canvas Draw does not support that functionality. If so, it's not the only functionality that Canvas Draw does not support (e.g., remembering the user-configured zoom setting for a given document; set a document's zoom to 200%, save it, reopen it and the zoom will not be 200%; I just reconfirmed this misbehavior).

In response to Kohanmike's comment about leaving the paint palette open, I use Canvas on a 13" MacBook Pro for which screen "real estate" obviously is limited, so I have few open palettes.

I understand, when I had a 15" MacBook Pro I had to keep as much closed as I could, then I got a 17" MacBook Pro which allowed me to keep the Properties bar and Palettes open. My next computer will be the new high power Mac Mini with two 19" wide screen monitors, one will rotate so I can make my music PDFs in portrait/vertical using Canvas, and edit video I shoot in landscape/horizontal using Final Cut Pro X. I don't need a laptop anymore, haven't taken it off my desk in over two years.

Rather than use the palette to select the crop tool,  I right click (I do use a mouse) on the image and select hard or soft crop in the drop down menu.  It isn't a matter of saving screen real estate or time, I simply find it easy to do.


Tim Anderson That's my regular workflow for cropping, as well.

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