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Canvas X 2019 crash issue

I have been a canvas user for about 5 years. Have just switched from 2015 to 2019 X. Have experienced multiple crashes that seem to have something to do with the esc. key.

Hi Nate, 

Happy New Year.

When did this start occurring? Is this in a specific document or does this occur in any document type? Are you working with any tool or object type when this occurs? 

Please provide as much detail as you can so that we can reproduce.



I have narrowed it down since this post. It seems if there are more than 2 object snaps selected, along with the smart snap selected, the program cannot handle it. As far as the esc. key, I use it regularly to clear commands. I believe with the snap problem and using the escape key it escalates the issue.

I have been having the same experience and have posted a ticket to Canvas Support.
The very useful Virtual Guides seem to be the guilty party. Over the weekend I was getting crashes every couple of minutes or less. Ctrl+S was my friend but sometimes I was not quick enough. Turning off Virtual Guides restored stability to former levels.

I have now identified that the problem is caused by turning the smart mouse on and selecting the intersection option.

Contrary to what I wrote earlier, Virtual Guides are not the cause of the crash it is solely the Smart Mouse Intersection Option.

I have been emailing Canvas Support and they have been able to reproduce the crashes and acknowledge the presence of a bug in the code. The bug was introduced in Canvas 2019. It was not there in Canvas 2018.

Canvas Support say the bug will be fixed in the next release.

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