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Copy to Layers bug

Copy to Layers does not work in Canvas X 2019; Send to Layers does. I have two seats of Canvas X 2019, one on Win 10 and one on Win 7, and both exhibit the same behavior.

A work around is to CTRL drag an object to another layer in the Document Layout pane.

I have submitted a ticket to Tech Support on this observation.

This is just another broken item.  I have been complaining to them about no longer being able to copy between pages for several years.
I used to be able to copy an item to a new page by selecting the item, hold Ctrl, and drag it to a new page in the "Document Layout" window.  It used to be that easy.  Why they have chosen to keep ignoring that broken feature I don't know.
This is why I do a trial download these days.  This bug is a deal breaker.  I will not be able to do even a part of what I use Canvas for with this screwup.

I use Canvas to do Publishing and generally have up to 60 pages per file.  Part of the process is copying and moving items between pages.  With the Copy to layers now broken it pretty much leaves me not able to use the program or waste a ton of time working around this garbage.

Won't buy it till this is fixed folks.

Paul J Schaefer CTRL drag to copy between pages (or layers) in the Document Layout pane is still functional in Canvas X 2019. It's Copy to Layers in the Object… Arrange… drop down menu which doesn't currently work.

In the Tech Support response to my ticket, this observation has been noted and is (will be) corrected in a product update to be released soon.

Umm hate to say this but I tried dragging an object to another page and as soon as the mouse pointer moved over the Document Layout it became the circle with a slash.  In other words it is still doing the same garbage as it has been since before 16.
It does the same thing with CTRL pressed.   The circle with the slash appears as soon as the pointer moves over the Document Layout.
And, of course the "Copy to Layers" doesn't copy.

No-Go Drag.jpg
(85.9 KB)

The right click menu doesn't work either.

(252 KB)

The behavior you describe is obtained if you CTRL drag an object from the main drawing area and attempt to drop in the Document Layout pane.

However, if you CTRL  drag an object from one location within the Document Layout pane and drop at another location in the Document Layout pane, the copy operation works in Canvas X 2019 current release. I understand that this is not your preferred mode, but it is a workaround for the current version until the update is released.

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