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Canvas Draw 5 & DWG files

I've been using Canvas for many years, and recently have the need to export CVX and/or CVD files as DWG files. The files are being sent to either an architect or a mechanical engineer, either one using AutoCad, at the minimum the 2010 version. 

I'm getting feedback from them that when they open my file, all the lines, shapes, text, etc have shifted around the page. I've also tried exporting as a DFX file, which AutoCad can import, with similar results. 

I've kept my files free of any images (jpeg, png, tif's etc) and stayed with generic fonts - Arial and Arial Narrow. Has anyone been able to master with with Canvas 5 (or any Canvas version since 2) that can successfully be imported as a DWG file? If I'm doing something wrong, I'd like to find our what is is. - Thank you. Scott Leverenz 

Being in the construction industry, I get PDF files from architects and engineers that were originally done in AutoCAD, then saved as a PDF. When i open them in Canvas Draw, all the layers from CAD appear as layers in Canvas, along with the same names as the CAD file. I then save the PDF as an illustration, set the scale and then save as a .cvd file. I can then manipulate the file as needed, but, if I save the cvd file as a DWG, then send to back to the architect and they open that DWG file from me, all the lines and shapes are scattered every which way.

Scott yes that would happen to me too, but most anyone who sends to you as a pdf will also be willing to accept it back as a new pdf with your added canvas changes. That is what has helped me enormously. I don't know if they can then manipulate my new elements as well but suppose either they can, or haven't needed to since I am usually the last stage of the design process. And if there are needed changes from a review, they ask me to do them anyway.

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