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Canvas Draw 5 & DWG files

I've been using Canvas for many years, and recently have the need to export CVX and/or CVD files as DWG files. The files are being sent to either an architect or a mechanical engineer, either one using AutoCad, at the minimum the 2010 version. 

I'm getting feedback from them that when they open my file, all the lines, shapes, text, etc have shifted around the page. I've also tried exporting as a DFX file, which AutoCad can import, with similar results. 

I've kept my files free of any images (jpeg, png, tif's etc) and stayed with generic fonts - Arial and Arial Narrow. Has anyone been able to master with with Canvas 5 (or any Canvas version since 2) that can successfully be imported as a DWG file? If I'm doing something wrong, I'd like to find our what is is. - Thank you. Scott Leverenz 

I have had the same problem, I think possibly have lost one client because of it, and version 5 doesn't seem much if any better from earlier versions. I also wrote the developers and never received an answer. Anyway, in the puzzlement stage I did a lot of speculating and comparing what lines did and did not transfer in place and I drew some conclusions that may help you. I wrote my client that I had some insight and hoped he would still let me work around this but he probably decided in a crunch not to take the risk. Still, I have tested it out and you might want to do the same.

If you use the straight line tool, it will be way out of scale and in my case, far out to the upper right of the actual main image. You might not even see it if you don't zoom out in an auto cad viewer of some kind. Also the fonts are messed up but this loss of line scale and position was the big thing.

However, Canvas lines made with polygon tool do "stay put." So I don't know what you are drawing, but in my case site plans would  have straying road edges and sometimes parts of buildings, whereas building shapes with turned corners etc. came though okay and I think so did rectangles made with the rectangle tool. To get a straight line to stay in place required making the line with a midpoint, even if invisible in the final view, if that makes sense, or doubling back just a bit and making a third hidden point. 

The oval tool for circles also floated off and turned gigantic. I am unable therefore to do planting plans as a landscape architect because I would need a lot of circles for tree symbols, and in tests those are usless and I don't know a work-around other than maybe to create bezier approximations of circles but haven't tested it. By the way, variations in line weight also don't come through; everything is the same weight.

This realm and the font issue is pretty disappointing since it cuts off possible work I would like to do in Canvas and send to fellow professionals who want .dwg files. Hopefully someone will look into it although the font issue may be on the autocad side.

I'm using a Mac but doubt that makes a difference.  

Happy New Year Scott and Leslie... 

Can you please send the CVD & DWG version of your files for further testing? We will be releasing a 5.0.2 update in the coming weeks and hopefully we can address the issues that both of you are describing here.

Any other input regarding creation of the files that is not already posted here, is very welcome.



Here are 2 examples. I'm a slight bit rusty on the process other than making a canvas draw file, and needing to send a .pdf and .dwg to someone else. The .pdfs were fine but you will see what happened when saved as a .dwg 

I was kind of desperate to send something that wasn't splattered and even tried (I think) taking the .pdf which looked fine (rather than Canvas) and making a .dwg from a .pdf in the Plains group. I think I had to use an online service for that. The file name says experiment in the title. What then happened was sort of an improved font (it seemed to outline everything so it captured the original font look) but then things that were raster like the north arrow got jagged edges. That would have been easy to substitue with another arrow symbol but overall it still had some scattered elements, and you have to enlarge to 200% to see lines made with a dash.

Both Canvas files may have been made with Canvas 3 but they opened in later updates and in the Fall I asked for save as .dwg in Canvas Draw 4 ....and did it again tonight with version 5 and the results always turn out the same. As mentioned in my previous post, my theory is that the problem has to do with the tools. I don't know why the Patel file is so large except that the house footprint has a lot of detail and was imported from the architect's auto cad. That part could be manipulated and cleaned up without problems. However, trying to create a floor plan in Canvas when I use straight lines anywhere gets the results that you see. Walls or pavement areas stay in locations needed only if they incorporate some kind of angle.

Thanks for your interest, Leslie Wagle

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