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Is there a way to insert a minus sign to Canvas?

 I want to use the proper minus sign, i.e. the one defined by Unicode U+2212.

But Text > Insert > ... does not include the minus sign.

Alt key does not seem to work. I can use holding "Alt" + typing "0181" and release Alt for "µ" in Canvas, for example, but "Alt" + "2212" or "Alt" + "8722" does not seem to work.

I tried to save a PDF using Illustrator to embed a minus character, but when I opened it the character was not recognized properly and converted to a hyphen minus.

If you know the way to do it , please let me know!!!

Sadly, Unicode support has not been implemented in Canvas for Windows. 

A very clunky workaround would be to draw a needed symbol scaled to an appropriate size for your text line, render it as a graphic, copy it to the clipboard, and then use Insert Picture  in the Text drop down menu  to place the "picture" in the line of text.

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 Oh, no! That's very sad indeed. I really wonder why they haven't done yet.

Mmm, it's very painful but I may have to use Illustrator or Inkscape for this.

They were able to implement it in Canvas Draw for the Mac, but there appears to be issues "under the hood"  getting it into the Windows code. The basic code package for Windows is somewhat older than for the Mac which apparently was built more from the ground up after Canvas support for Mac was dropped a few years back. I was hoping we would see Unicode support in the last release but remain disappointed.

Yeah, the CVX format is ancient, isn't it? I was still hoping that at some point they might have done it.

I've been using Canvas for nearly 20 years, but this was one of the biggest disappointment for quite trivial stuff. That's probably why (or one of many whys) they decided to have Win and Mac version with different marketing names.

Save a manually created image to your Symbol Library.

I've submitted requests to enable Unicode through Tech Support more than once, and get a non-committal response that the request will be sent to the development team for review.

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I've read in an ACD post some time ago that they're working diligently on a full rewrite of Canvas that will include Unicode. After years of waiting for Canvas Mac, it finally came and I've been very happy since.

Canvas X unfortunately does not support Unicode characters due to the inherent way Canvas was developed. Canvas Draw is Unicode based as it was rebuilt.  We look forward to bringing Unicode support in a newer version of Canvas in the future called Envision.

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Thank you, Albert, for your input. It's encouraging to know that a work in progress is mature enough to have a code name, even if the arrival date is indeterminate.

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