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cannot paste image from photoshop cc 2018 to canvas 4

Tried pasting selected area of image from photoshop to canvas 4. Canvas will not paste it although its in the clipboard and will paste to powerpoint. subsequent copying from powerpoint to canvas works so its not some global failure of the system.

image is 8-bit greyscale. restarted machine with no effect.

anyone seen this? machine is a powerbook 2009 running el capitan.

no one has any suggestions for this critical bug?

If I recall correctly, I may have had a similar problem (with clipboard images, but not from Photoshop) with CD4, but don't remember the details.   I have had no such problem with CD5.  Before getting too concerned about a bug in CD4, I suggest you upgrade your OS (per your other post) and try with CD5 to see if the problem still exists.


I have bought every version of canvas since its rerelease Tim. Thats a bunch of change, and it still has longstanding bugs that transfer to the new  versions. This is just the latest one that seems to have popped out of nowhere for me, and I would have to buy a new machine to upgrade the os. If I have to I will I guess, but I'm worried about if that will fix it or not.

Colin,  I have bought and used many, many versions of Canvas since Canvas 3 (including Windows versions), so I know about your bunch of change!

I just tried selecting, with the lasso tool, part of an image in Photoshop, copied it, and pasted into CD5 without a problem.  Of course I now hope you don't buy a new Mac and then find out that you still have the problem!


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