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canvas draw 5 demo installation

After putting it off because I didnt want to disturb my current stable installation of canvas 4, I tried installing the canvas 5 demo on my machine today (powerbook 2009, el capitan). 

Software refused to start up first time, quitting without getting to the splash screen. 

thankfully 4 still works.

any thoughts?

Here is the link to the old thread where I complained about this last time:

I remember the issue, we just were never able to reproduce it inhouse. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Maybe we are missing a step or two, even if it is intermittent sometimes every step is important. Usually intermitten problems are linked to memory corruption of some sort, or in this case screen redraw. I will take a look at the old message and see if I can try it again. I will also look at our database and see if something was done to reduce it or even stop it from happening.

I'm still using Canvas Draw for Mac 3 and it does what I need.  Anything in particular that I should be envious of in version 5?

They always add  features to each new version. I do a fair amount of desktop publishing along with graphic design, so having text style sheets back is very useful for me. Here is a link to see the the Release Notes for v5.

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