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canvas draw 5 demo installation

After putting it off because I didnt want to disturb my current stable installation of canvas 4, I tried installing the canvas 5 demo on my machine today (powerbook 2009, el capitan). 

Software refused to start up first time, quitting without getting to the splash screen. 

thankfully 4 still works.

any thoughts?


Oh, my bad, didn't read the requirements! 

Just as well most well written software warns about such things before installation, instead of just crashing on startup.

i'm having problems with Canvas 5 on my 2011 MacBook Pro 17" and High Sierra, so I went back to v4.

Mike - on version 4, do you have the issue I described with pasting from photoshop? If I have to buy a new machine I will I suppose, but I need a solution to this bug.

I don't use Photoshop (haven't in over 20 years), all my work is done in Canvas. What are you doing in Photoshop that you can't do in Canvas? Don't think about buying a new machine, just upgrade the system to High Sierra, which works with Canvas 4 and 5. The only reason I don't go to Mojave is my machine is a 2011, not supported by Apple.

overlays of false colored images, can you do layers in canvas equivalent to photoshop layers, with all the blending  tools? I'd be happy if you could but I dont see it.

BTW I'd like to upgrade the OS but my machine is no longer supported either. Maybe this is a good excuse to get a new one.

Late 2009 machine are supported in High Sierra.

What is "overlays of false colored images"? I rarely use layers, I prefer to stack objects on the same layer. In Canvas you can set Preferences > Functionality Options to Select across multiple layers.

I Have a macbook pro late 2009, its not supported by high sierra either.

Here is my workflow in ps:

load multiple registered 16bit greyscale images in separate layers

set image to full color

set transparency for top layers (to screen in my case)

adjust levels for individual  layers

set LUT of individual layers for false color (e..g. red, using channel mixer)

apply noise filter

select same area (if certain dimensions) of individual layers and/or merged layers and paste to canvas as needed

Do you think I can do this all in canvas?

Even if I could do this in canvas, it doesn't really alter my complaint though. The software at version 4 is not old, and should be maintained, since not everyone can upgrade for whatever reason. 

Oops, MacBook late 2009 was what I read, MacBook Pro is not.

That's an involved workflow and beyond what I do, but I think Canvas has most of those functions. Albert, if you're seeing this, do you know if Canvas does these things?

Ok, so I will quickly look into the Canvas Draw 4 paste issue and get back to you.

Each new version released is supported under two OS versions. So for Canvas Draw 4 it would be High Sierra and Sierra. Canvas Draw 5 is supported under Mojave (though not all OS features are implemented) and High Sierra, and so forth.

As per your PS workflow; yes you should be able to do everything you are currently doing in Photoshop in Canvas Draw. Though we have the concept of layers, it is not the same. We treat each image as individual object which can coexist in the same layer. You could import each image into their own layer, but again not for the same reasons Photoshop does.

You can set the transparency of each image individually, to the image object itself not to the layer.

Same goes for Levels, Luminosity, and noise filter amongst many other filters. Please understand that we can apply almost the same filters to the image itself in edit mode (pixels are permanently modified) or as objects (using SpriteLayers functionality).

So if you do this all in Canvas there would be no need to copy from PS. However I will check this anyways and get back to you. I know we made certain clipboard changes in the last Update of Canvas Draw 4 build 48.


Most of your workflow can be done in Canvas using layers except for the LUT adjustments.  There may be a way to do that, but I have never investigated it.  For final "flattening" into a single image, create a new layer and make it active, click the select across layers box (or go through Preferences), and go to Image-Area-Render and render at whatever resolution you choose.  Selecting across layers only selects the visible layers.  Try to remember to turn that off because leaving it on can produce a lot of grief.  If you group after selecting across layers, all that you selected will be in the active layer.  Another source of "fun."


Thanks all, but the LUT adjustments are critical I'm afraid. Maybe I should just buy a new mac, if this bug is definitely not present in sierra or later os's. I'm also not sure if canvas will really do a "screen" transparency.

Once again, using layers in Canvas unlike Photoshop is not to avoid from having filters, etc affect all images as each image can be edited, modified, etc on their own within the same layer. Using layers in Canvas is more for diving the work. Example, if you are an architect and want to create multiple plans. One layer would be the electrical, the other layer the plumbing, another the roof, etc. then you can hide layers you dont want to see and exposed them at any given time.

What is LUT adjustment in Photoshop? Sorry, I am not an avid user, hehe.


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