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GIS Module to Canvas Draw

In a separate post, it was suggested that a poll ought to be taken to see if there was sufficient interest in bringing the GIS module to Canvas draw so I thought I would start a new thread with that in mind.

As a geologist, I've used Canvas for 30 years and, even though a Mac user, I still use the windows version with GIS to make maps of geospatial information (an essential activity for any geologist). I've even written software for formatting tables of strike and dip symbols to plot on maps. The work flow with dedicated GIS systems is make the map in ArcGIS or what ever and then port the result to a vector drawing program to "pretty it up" for publication. With Canvas GIS, I can do all of that in one program. Especially useful is Canvas' seamless combination of vector and raster capabilities. I can warp a raster (e.g., satellite image, hill shade topo) and plot my vector data right on top. In my most recent project, using the Windows version of Canvas GIS I imported a Chilean geological map of a mine which used the PSAD56 datum and warped it to UTM/WGS84 coordinates.

Although I could continue to use the Windows version in VMWare Fusion as I do now, I would absolutely love, and pay extra for, the GIS module in Canvas Draw on the Mac.

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I, too, would love to have a GIS module available for Canvas Draw.  Like Richard, I am a geologist and long used the Windows version of Canvas in emulation mode on my Mac partly because of the GIS capability.  I admit to have given that up, but would like to have the GIS module added to Canvas Draw.  Although is does not require any GIS data, that module includes (or included) a useful image warp tool.  Perhaps there would be enough commercial interest to add GIS to Canvas Draw because of the increased market penetration of the Mac.


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