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Link Manager Bugs

I created the web page in a previous version of Canvas, not sure which, and have  been updating it in Canvas Draw 4. I recently upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra and I have these problems since. 

The text is flowed from column one to column two and each song title has a link I made in the Link Manager. I clicked in the text box, selected all, copied, then pasted in the It seems that copy process made all the song tiles in column 2 take on the link of the last song in that column.

Also, when I make up the set list that's on the right by copy/pasting a song title with a link from one of the columns, the link does not go along, I have remake the link after I paste the title to the set list.

Also, when I copy text a the beginning of a paragraph, Canvas adds a carriage return to the beginning of the pasted text, very annoying, especially when I have to remake the song title links. It's even worse in v5.

I can't upgrade the OS to Mojave because my MacBook Pro is too old, so I'm going to have to buy a new Mac Mini when it becomes available and I can afford to spend the money.

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