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how do you do that Canvas uses a specific template when you start Canvas?

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So Canvas X does not directly open right into a default template when you first launch it. But there is a way you can, just takes two steps.

First, make sure you have the desired template saved within the proper Canvas template folder (Illustration, Presentation, Publication, etc.)

Launch Canvas, when the Open dialog comes up click on the Close button.

Now choose New from file menu

Select the type of document you want to work with

Now select the checkbox next to Choose a document template

Click the dropdown and select the template you which to use

Make sure Save as Default is checked at the bottom

Now click OK

At this point your template will open, and it will continue to be the default document template type whenever you choose New under the same session. However the next time you launch Canvas, you will have to click the Close button on the Open Document dialog again and then choose New.

I will enter a feature request to make this a one step process

Thank you


Thank you very much, it works great.

If I add a new sheet to Canvas, how can I open it with the same template?

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You should be able to accomplish this with Document Layout (one of the palettes docked to the right side of the Canvas screen)

You can add a sheet by clicking on the paper icon at the top of the Document Layout palette.

You can copy theĀ  desired templateĀ  objects by CTRL dragging them from the first sheet onto the new sheet.

An alternate technique for documents would be to place objects wanted on every sheet on the Master Page. When a new sheet is added those objects would show up on the new sheet.

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