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PDF crashes when opened in Bluebeam

Opening a PDF created in Bluebeam PDF, added some text, saved and tried to reopen same in Bluebeam. Immediately crashed. I've never experienced same. Wonder if any others have experienced similar. I sent in a ticket but no response yet.

Hello Richard, first I want to apologize for not having a response sooner. With that said, we need a little bit more information than stated as initial tests have been positive on our end.

I downloaded a trial version of the latest Bluebeam Revu PDF software. I opened a sample Floor Plan pdf they provide which has several layers with text and objects, not your simple PDF. I then opened this PDF in Canvas X 2018. Once opened I create a 72 point size line of text and chose Save As. I selected PDF and pretty much left the default export settings. I then opened this PDF back in Bluebeam. I did not receive a crash and was able to see the line of text I had added.

Could you please let us know what version of the Bluebeam Revu PDF software you are using? Also could you tell us which version of Canvas X and build number you are working with? You can get this information under the About Canvas menu item.

Finally, maybe you can also attach here both the PDF file from Bluebeam before being edited and the one edited in Canvas and saved back out as PDF which causes the crash in Bluebeam. 

PS: Also let us know if you select anything different within the PDF export dialog in Canvas.

We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you



a new fresh start of PC (I always shut down each day - so new reboot every morning) and opened that file and added more text and image clips, saved as PDF and also cvx and it did work okay.

The only difference is I didn't save previously as cvx as I wasn't wanting that, but tried this time to see what happened.

Not suggesting that makes a difference, juts noting routine.

I did note on reopening in Canvas I was asked which I wanted to open - pdf or cvx which is to be expected and good.

My Canvas build is 

Canvas X GIS  

Version: 19 Build 319

I'll persevere.

Just didn't have time to mess with this before as I was getting work stuff out.

May have all been a one off.



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