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Link Manager Bugs

Simon, please let them know that the Link Manager needs to be improved. I just made some changes to a site I made for my ukulele group to play along with songs I recorded. I changed a list I made in Canvas and suddenly a column of links of about 75 song titles now all go to the same one song.

This is the web page that I update in Canvas fairly often with new songs and links. Now I'm going to have to fix the bad links, which is very tedious in Canvas.

What version of Canvas was that generated in?  (It looks like Canvas Draw 3 according to the source.)  Did you do anything in particular that caused the links to change?

I created the web page in a previous version of Canvas, not sure which, and have  been updating it in Canvas Draw 4. I recently upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra and I have these problems since. 

The text is flowed from column one to column two and each song title has a link I made in the Link Manager. I clicked in the text box, selected all, copied, then pasted in the It seems that copy process made all the song tiles in column 2 take on the link of the last song in that column.

Also, when I make up the set list that's on the right by copy/pasting a song title with a link from one of the columns, the link does not go along, I have remake the link after I paste the title to the set list.

Also, when I copy text a the beginning of a paragraph, Canvas adds a carriage return to the beginning of the pasted text, very annoying, especially when I have to remake the song title links. It's even worse in v5.

I can't upgrade the OS to Mojave because my MacBook Pro is too old, so I'm going to have to buy a new Mac Mini when it becomes available and I can afford to spend the money.

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