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Fit to Window

Despite having "Fit to Window" selected in Preferences/Functionality Options, Canvas Draw  5 opens a new document with the window size set at 0%.  Annoying!


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Well, that attachment didn't turn out too good!


Instead of clicking +Attach a File below, use the Insert Image icon above, second from the right. That will place the image full size in your reply.


Tim, I know this forum is what they want us to use, but it's so badly implemented, can you instead continue to post on the old forum? If I have Canvas questions, I'm not going to use this forum, I'm staying on the old one until they improve this one.

As you may have noticed, I do post on the old forum.  Some time ago I mentioned the same problem there, but thought maybe it would get Simon's attention better here.

Thanks for the tip with the image.  I'll try again.


Yep, I see there, though I didn't see this post, that's why I replied. I've found that Canvas has never opened to my default size page.


Mike, I understand that change is not always better but sometimes it is needed as in the case with the Canvas GFX forum. Soon the old one with be shut down and all entries may disappear if we are not able to somehow port them over.

If you want, send me an email with any changes you would like to see done to this forum. If these changes are possible within the new system I am sure we might be able to apply them.

Thank you,


Just saw this after I posted to your other reply.

I have this bug as well. version 4.

Are we still using the old forum? what is the address?

Please note, no one in Canvasgfx is looking at the old forum as we internally no longer have access to it. If you post something there, which is your choice, only Canvas forum users will be able to answer. I do apologize, but my hands are tied on this one. I will be happy to follow up any issues on this forum and try to post an answer as soon as I can.


Albert, is there Private Messaging in this forum?

Sorry, Freshdesk does not support it.

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